12 March, 2011

Happy birthday to me...

This was meant to have been posted on Thursday, but for various reasons, I was unable to post it, so here it is now...

My birthday has again, come and gone... It was going to be a good day, I was sure of it! But alas, it was not... After my visit to the Dentist on Wednesday (and THAT is another story), I had discovered that the pump in the spa had to be replaced so on my way to work I stopped into the pool shop with the pump I had removed... Just after leaving the shop, my neighbour called me with some very bad news, that one of our neighbours son had died in a diving accident... My day was not going well...

Work was ok, kept me busy, but the best part of the day, was catching up with A and Miss 3.5 E for lunch! As I was walking down to their car, Miss E was SOOO excited, she was jumping up and down. When I got to her, I got THE best hug and was told, "We have something for you, but I want the blue one"! So cute! We had lunch at the 'Poolside Cafe' at the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool, which was lovely! It is amazing who you meet and what you talk about, but a random lady there, with her mother, was doing an IVF cycle, and today Saturday, she is having her transfer... I hope she has success!

Miss E Blue Cupcake

It was after lunch, that the day got worse, after hearing of the sudden loss of my cousin, Rodney... He was a bit of a trouble young man, and his loss will be great, but I am sure he is now in a better place... RIP Rod!

The night though, really was the best part of the day, with being taken to dinner, La Mono of course! Jay came over home and gave me his present, little bugger had WAY TO MUCH TAPE on it and it took a while to open, but it was a great gift!

Present time
Present time

So Jay and I got there first waited for Mel to arrive after Uni... We chatted and when she arrived, with presents as well we ordered dinner... Chicken, Kafta, Shish Kebab and some chips... Of, and the Garlic Dip as well, YUMMO!! It is a great location, very relaxing, and to eat you get a bit of leb bread, smother it with garlic dip, and put on what you want (chicken, chips and a bit of kafta is great!)! And my present from Mel (and parents) consisted of various chocolates and lollies with a Gold Class movie ticket!! I also got a new bracelet (from Mel) to wear as well... Thanks guys!

But I was beginning to sense something was up... There was no dessert menu's coming out, and suddenly the lights went out... OMG, they had a cake (even though I was asked if I like chocolate)! Little buggers!

Thank you SO much guys for making my day...

I am having family over tomorrow for a Sunday BBQ, so I am sure there will be more photos from then!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. You have the same tray tables as we do! How'd that happen? Great pics, Mate and a very Happy Birthday!!!

  2. It's good to know you enjoyed your birthday, Bernie!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry so much of it was bad, but also glad you were able to spend it with such special people (though Miss E sounds a bit risky to have around cake . . . . ).


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