01 March, 2011

I've been BUSTED!!

Seems I was 'busted'... Here I am (back in white shirt) at the Wings over Illawarra airshow, when I was 'caught' taking a joyride (trying to get an overview)! Thing is though, I didn't even know that Kurt (photo owner...) was there until I had posted some pics of the day... FREAKY! AND, to make it worse, last night I got an SMS to say I was BUSTED!!!

Today was a real 'blah' day, didn't achieve a lot nor did I really strive to archive anything in particular! The car issue got worse today, with a number 4 cylinder blown... BUT, at least they are not charging for the previous work that they had done in yesterdays post... So J, although REALLY upset/stressed, will have his Maz back Friday. Also, last night after a 'Mango Smoothie (which NEVER eventuated, I spoke with M who was very stressed with a lot of things, Uni being one of them. And after a brief chat tonight, M seems to be a little less stressed as well...!

But tonight, I went out to visit mum, and we ended up going over to my sisters place where C was getting ready for Cadets. He's been army MAD for as many years as I can remember, and today was his first time in uniform...

Cadet CMS

Hang around for a 'Wordless Wednesday' tomorrow as well!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. Love the picture of you in the chopper and of your nephew. Adorable boy!


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