26 September, 2011


Every now and then, we have to have a good hard look at ourselves, and think, am I OK? Well, over the last week (and a bit), I HAVE done this, and I am taking steps to fix things... Re-invent myself if you like!

Aalborg Sunset 11-25pm.jpg

There are more subtle changes, if you like, but I have also made a monumental step forward as well - or at least I think anyway! This was hard to do, but even so, harder to maintain! But its done now, and there is no going back. I will however, make a small purchase for a 'replacement' for another spot, as I do feel kinda naked without it, but I am sure that this will pass!

I am also having a new outlook on things, and last night/this morning, I have made steps to rid myself of negativity and hurt. This was in the way of an SMS, and I feel good about my decision!

So, where to from here...? Onwards and upwards is all I can do or say! I have made mistakes in the past, and whilst I can't turn back time (sing darl, just like Cher) I acknowledge that I've made them... BUT, I certainly have a new direction in where I want to go and what I want to achieve!

NOW, its all about re-connecting, I have a lot of blogs to catch up on (these will be done over this next week as I am just about finished setting up my RSS feeds again on new laptop), people to see and old acquaintances to find. It's going to be a great journey!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Change is never easy! Sending you hugs full of strength to make it through!

  2. so many thoughts and questions...where and when? what and how?


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