17 September, 2011

Vale Macc

Friday, late, I said 'goodbye' to my lil mate Macc... He was 8.5

Happy Macc

A smiling Macc with Slow Joe

He was a great dog, pet and family member whom, was always there with a smile, a waggly tail and jumping high at the back door. He was gentle, with the kids, and to all his visitors as well...

We got him, originally, from the RSPCA. We were waiting for a dog from the Greyhound Adoption Program, but having a cat, it would be difficult. BUT, the President gave us a call wondering if we'd be interested in a puppy from the RSPCA. I went over (L was studying) and was greeted by Macc and his brother, and after walking past the cat enclosure and the rabbits, he was soon to come home with us...

Macc and co...

Over the years, he did get into some interesting situations...

Sleepy Macc


Comfy would you like to try

He LOVED a trip in the car - even if it was to the cemetery to visit L

Macc looking for mum

Over the last couple of months, he became ill, and in July, I thought he was going then. He had an enzyme that started to attack his large muscle groups. However he pulled through and recovered. However, on Monday, he was back at the vet's after a return of symptoms over the weekend. He stumped his vet, but on medications, returned to health! That is until Friday when it became so bad, the vet referred him onto the ARH again.

Macc @ Animal Referral Hospital

Macc @ Animal Referral Hospital

Macc @ Animal Referral Hospital

In the end, he had a heart issue, enzymes were through the roof, protein was through the floor, he had a cancer somewhere and a growth on his Pancreas and Liver, fluid on his lungs, heart and lower organs... He was most unwell...

So farewell mate, you'll never be forgotten!


Hoo roo for now...


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  1. What a good boy he was. No, we never forget the sweet pets that have shared our lives and the comfort they give us.
    Rest in peace with Louise, dear Macc!


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