29 November, 2011

2011 - NSW LGSA Excellence in Environment Awards

Today, was a day of mixed emotions... It was the 2011, NSW Local Government & Shires Associations Excellence in Environment Awards...

I sit on an award category for L's Memory for individual achievements... The nominee's for this year's award were all very worthy of the award. However, when I read through them all, there was for me, a clear winner and truly represented L. And, this year, the winner did not know she was even nominated let alone the winner!!! When her named was called out, there was a small scream of absolute astonishment of winning!! By the time she came to the podium for the award to be presented by myself and the Minister for the Environment, she actually had tears... It was a wonderful thing to be part of.

Awards 2011

Awards 2011

Awards 2011

Awards 2011

After the awards presentation, we were invited to lunch, which had a selection of two hot mains, a Lamb dumpling casserole, and a chicken & choritzo pilaf thing which was AMAZING! To the sides, cuss cuss, salads, potato salad and so on. There was also a cheese and fruit platter. The view for lunch over looked the wonderful sights of Circular Quay, Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

By the end of the day, and it was a hot day, (and after copious amounts of water), I got the opportunity to watch the Adel concert from the Royal Albert Hall (I purposely didn't put a certain word in-between Albert and Hall as she had worded it!). it was a wonderful concert, and I actually think she is pretty true vocally in live, as she is on the recorded media. She is a wonderful performer, both in her singing and in her talking to her audience.

Keeping myself busy, and tomorrow is a busy day ahead looking at a set of French Doors a friend may be purchasing for access to his newly built decking. But, that's for another day!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. First, great pictures of the ceremony! And don't you clean up well!
    Think how this award is changing the lives of so many!


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