24 November, 2011

Painful Knee.... AND, an update...

Overnight, when visiting the bathroom, I got out of bed and as soon as I put weight on my right knee, I just about hit the roof in pain... I don't know what I've done to it, but my goodness its sore... Its still sore some 8 hours later! I've taken some pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications, but its only just touching it, so I think I might have to go visit the GP!

In other news, its also wet very wet here at the moment... Its also colder then it normally is! Oh well, at least the rain is watering everything... right?

I am looking forward to going on a Heritage Train trip on Saturday week. It is on the Kandos line, a line that is about to close, and it will be hauled by an old '44' class loco. There will be pics from the day that evening!

Bronty is growing, she's now well into the 20kg mark. She is great at Puppy Pre-Skool as well! She is a bit of a character, in that she has learnt how to avoid going outside at night! When she can be trusted to not pee in the house (she's almost there) then she can stay in, but for now, she go's outside for a couple of hours! I do take her out, walk up the back and when she 'ewe's' I commend her for whizzing, but sometimes she has little accidents near the back door (open) from time to time...



Hoo roo for now...


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  1. We call that wee-wee. And I think you are sore because like me, you are getting old! lol!!!!!!


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