12 March, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 71 Fork

Its often said that at times, you come to a 'fork' in the road ahead of you... That came to me today, but not in a way you may think! I was taken out this afternoon, with a hood over my head, to an 'unknown' destination... I had mentioned to one of my 'captors' a few weeks prior, that I have a pretty good understanding of the roads of Sydney, and that a blindfold would be pointless (trying not to spoil the surprise, yet trying to keep them thinking of alternatives)!

When we arrived, I had sort of guessed where we were as soon as I sensed we were under a tunnel. And, I was correct, as we were at Eastern Creek Raceway! I was going on a 'hot lap' in a V8 super car!!! OMG, I was SO excited!!! After completing the paperwork (Indemnity) I had to get a race suit, and then onto a photo in front of a car, before a briefing.

Photo Call
Then it was down into pitt lane, where we were given our car number - 42 was my car... A blue Holden Commodore, that looked as though it was the newest in the fleet of race cars! Here are some pics...

Briefing (outside)

Getting into the car


JUST after getting out...

Thanks so much J & M for the b'day present, it was fantastic, and something I will never forget!!

Thanks Guys!

Hoo roo for now...


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