27 October, 2012

Saturday happenings...

By looking at my Friday Fill-Ins, you'd think I would have had an easy day... Far from it!!!

The day started with an early 'wake-up call thanks to a neighbours rooster! And yes, they're NOT allowed in a residential area within my LGA! You are allowed to have up to 20 birds, but zero roosters! But I wasn't going to let it get in the way of what had to be done. So I got up, got ready and got madam (Bronty) into the car to head into the city for the 'Bark in the Park'! However, we didn't stay long as my hay-fever started to hit, so we just headed to the beach for a swim (after a brief bit of spotting).

Bronty Plane Spotting

Once home though, I took an anti-histamine and got stuck into doing the lawns. I got my brushcutter out and did the edges, and then the mower... Fueled her up (she's been on her last legs for some time), primed her, and pulled the chord, and that was it, she didn't start nor will she start again! So it was off to Bunnings, with my gift cards ($170) and I got me a brand spanking new Masport 4-stroke mulch mower! AND, a bag of chook manure!

When I got home, I had to fill with oil, easy as, filled it with fuel and it was the easiest mower I have ever started in my 30 years of green keeping!

Lawns done, I got my Karcher pressure cleaner and then cleaned the back veranda which was in dire need of being done! Not content with just that, I then got to doing the spa house, both concrete and the roof!!! It looks as good as new!!!

And finally, look whats in flower again, it my Dracunculus vulgaris!!!

Dracunculus vulgaris

Hoo roo for now...


  1. So very cool! Hope the allergies get better!

  2. Bernie, this dog looks beautiful. As for the allergies, I know what you mean... feels so bad sometimes.


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