26 October, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-Ins; here we go! 
  1. Oh, that cat fight this morning, at 1.20am, IN MY BEDROOM, was not at all fun... Stray cat, stop hanging around here, Jasmine doesn't want to be out at night playing and guarding her territory, and nor do I at that time! 
  2. It's a sure sign of a hot summer ahead, when yesterday's temperatures (mid 30's), which is uncommon for this time of year...  When it happened, it means we have already had more hot days (so far in October) than ALL of last summer. 
  3. Are we having another wet weekend again?? Forecast says no, but, we'll see how it pans out...
  4. My heart skipped more than a beat the other day, after driving over the Harbour Bridge and heading for the Gore Hill Freeway, about 80klm, and this car on the exit ramp lane decided to change lanes, I broke (HARD) swerved (thankfully the car next lane, behind, saw what was happening, and I missed the car by millimetres... It would have been a very hard hit, and I would have forced her into the car in-font that she was going around... it would have been very bad! 
  5. Do you believe in the saying, 'Good things come to those who wait'? I do, and as I am still waiting, there must be LOTS of good things coming my way
  6. I'm a semi-reasonable cook, and I love to do a roast... Maybe, a Sunday roast this weekend? 
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to an early night given lack of sleep from 1.20am and attending a funeral this morning, tomorrow my plans include going to 'Bark in the Park' with Bronty, and maybe down to the beach afterwards for a swim and Sunday, I want to get the lawns done again, boring I hear you say and yes, I agree, but I enjoy doing them... There is also the Motor Bike Race from Phillip Island to watch/listen to!

Hoo roo for now...


  1. I feel for you with your lack of sleep! I had a few days of insomnia this week. :( Last night, however was the FIRST restful sleep in a few weeks! Catfights don't sound fun.

    Sorry about the funeral...

    have to ask, too, "Hoo roo for now" Is that an Aussie saying? :) I'm in Texas in the US

  2. The roast sounds yummy...good Sunday dinner if you ask me:) So releived to hear you weren't in a car wreck. I've had things like that happen here - was almost run over by a semi on I91 a year or so ago. I wish I could go to the beach this weekend, but winter is rapidly descending on New England in the form of the Frankenstorm, so I'm sure I'll spend the weekend holed up in the apartment waiting for my husband to get home from his business trip. Have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. I need to mow my grass one more time before winter. Hopefully the rains will hold off long enough for me to get to that this weekend. Have a great weekend! You can visit me here: http://theliebers.blogspot.com

  4. Jack is finishing up our lawns for the Autumn. Then he will let them rest for the winter.

  5. what a great read! oh, how i envy your temperature! my daughter did her last year of uni there and loved it...especially your surf!!!! i love your details, especially about the cats...omg. i hear that with my labs! lol enjoy.

  6. cat fights? I can relate to that..ugh! #4 thank goodness, nothing bad happened. have a good weekend!


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