07 May, 2013

Clutch Problems...

Over the weekend, I started to develope a problem in the car; the clutch was begining to give out... The amount of 'resistance' or pressure in the pedal was getting less and less to the point where on Sunday morning when I went over to the shops, I was sitting at the traffic lights (First Gear - clutch IN) and the car was wanting to move forward on its own!! So it was becoming urgent!

So my days plans changed, and instead of going to a 4yo birthday party (and getting stuck either on the way there or home afterwards), I stayed at home.

Monday morning, I dropped the car at the mechanic's (2nd gear all the way and only about a 2-3 min drive), dropped the key in the mailbox, and headed into work. Around 7.30, I called Leo, and asked him if he was "surprised to see my car waiting for him"? We chatted about what it was doing, and I resigned myself to upwards of a $2,000 mechanics bill!

Late in the afternoon, around 2pm, I got "THE CALL", and to my relief, it wasn't the clutch at all, but the 'Slave Cylinder' that assist's the clutch's operation; the seals had gone and had been losing fluid into the cabin; between the firewall and the carpet!

Vitara Clutch Slave Cylinder

So, even though it had a service at the same time, replacement of the slave cylinder and fluids etc, I got the car back about 5pm last night, and I am only $786 the poorer!!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. Good job! So pleased it did not cost an arm and a leg!


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