27 May, 2013

Vivid Sydney's back in town!!

Well folks, its THAT time again, when VIVID SYDNEY is back in town, which can only mean one thing.... A WET opening night!! Yes, on Friday night when Vivid opened and turned on the lights, the heavens also opened!

We drove into town and we parked (fairly easily) around near pier one. This is about a 2-3 minute walk around to Dawes Point, right opposite the Sydney Opera House! But, as we were getting out of the car (the camera bags didn't even make it out) it hammered down rain, and I mean HAMMERED! So, we jumped back in, and opted for a short drive up to Observatory Hill and the safety of a rotunda up there! Unfortunately though, we also shared it with a half dozen or so young girls (I won't use the word 'ladies' as not even on a tough building site, have I heard language these 'girls' were using)!

We set up our gear, and got a few shots... Some with clear skies...

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Observatory Hill
Sydney Harbour Bridge - Observatory Hill
And some with the rain falling...
Sydney Harbour Bridge - Observatory Hill
On the Saturday, after moving furniture all day with a mate, we ventured back in for some more photography; this time though, from the Cahill Expressway across Circular Quay. There was a P&O cruise ship there (Pacific Pearl) and this was used as a backdrop - VERY cool!!
We then we ventured further along the pathway and started crossing the Harbour Bridge for Milsons Point. We stopped just past the Southern Pylon, which gave us a pretty nice view of the Opera House. Here is a short video of the Opera House shots I took...
I will be going in again during the week, with a mate here in Sydney, a German friend coming back to Sydney (currently in Byron Bay) and who ever wants to go, drop me a comment, email or an SMS and we'll meet up!!
Hoo roo for now...

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