04 June, 2013

Three Sisters - Katoomba

On Sunday, I went for a drive up into the Mountains, the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney. In some parts of the world, it may seem more of a 'hill' as the overall height isn't really that high!! :p

When we left, it was cool, and VERY wet and the forecast was for it to get wetter (which we heard through social media and the news reports). However, once we got to the top of Glenbrook, the rain seemed to have eased somewhat. I was taking a German friend up into the Glenbrook National Park, and down to Euroka Clearing, as there has almost ALWAYS been a mob of Kangaroo's there when I have been up in the past. That was NOT the case on Sunday, grrr :(, so we continued up to Katoomba to visit the Three Sisters since the weather was easing...

As we climbed up into the Mountains, the cloud base lowered, and by Leura, we were in a thick fog, and this was how it was to be all the way through to Katoomba! We opted for lunch in the main street, and when walking back to the car, it looked to be clearing! So I drove out to the Three Sisters, and thankfully, it was clear as; both weather and visitors! It was though, very cold, and the wind was bitter!

So I took a series of NINE photos, and when we got home (eventually) I ran them through a 'photo-stitch program, edited the panorama, and here is the result (click HERE to see its FULL size (6000 pixels)).

Three Sisters Panorama
Three Sisters Panorama

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. That Is Soooo Very Beautiful! You live in a Gorgeous country, my dear.


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