26 June, 2013

Wordless Wednesday No. 86 - Instagram

JUST getting into this 'Instagram' stuff, and so far, the pets have been copping a battering!!

Karma! Growling cat leaves Great Dane speechless!
#Bronty #Surgery #Scar
Will NOT sleep on her bed - it got washed today!! #bronty
Using the lounge as a pillow... #Bronty #Great_Dane #Tired
Good morning.... Wanna play??
If it's not Bronty - it's GOT to be Jasmine!! No extra sleep for me... #jasmine #cat #evil #evil_cat #evil_jasmine #tired #wake_up #breakfast #feed_me
Thief at work... #jasmine #kitty #kittyporn #cat #catporn #evil #evil_cat
I'm hiding... #evil #evil_cat #cat #sleepy #kitty #kittyporn #catporn #pussyporn #pussy #jasmine

In other news, I have been busy this past week tending to Miss Bronty, who was desexed last Tuesday. She was very good, and up until Monday morning, was excellent in NOT touching her wound. BUT, an emergency trip to the hospital caused an extra few stitches to be put back in...

As for 'work', the goal post's keep changing, and whilst I have been made 'redundant' and unsuccessful in ataing a new position in a new structure here at 'work', I was given a date ("sometime in July") that the new structure would come into place... This has changed to "the 'end' of August (at least)"! Nothing quite like being in limbo land, hey?

Hoo roo for now...



  1. I haven't gone the Instagram route yet. I have so many other social networking sites that keep me busy.


  2. No .. I have not done INstagram. I resist for all the wrong reasons. I'm just plain tired and got so many twitter, pinterest facebook, blog, you tube and web pages to manage I quite simply can't fathom adding another element to my many "businesses". Perhaps I need to employ a social media guru ...
    Great pics of the furries though
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    1. I will be 'employable' after the end of August!! ;)

  3. I am not to in to Instagram yet!
    Great shots!

  4. Someone has an owie :( they seem to be enjoying being tantalized by food :)

  5. Oh, such a pretty kitty! He (or she) does not seem amused by this Instagram thing.

  6. Instagram is addictive -- I love it.

  7. What gorgeous pets! They both look like sweeties.
    NO to Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. are already too much for me!
    My first foray into Wordless Wednesday is here:

  8. I love instagram. I've only been using it for a couple of months myself as well. It took me along time to cave to it. :)


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