01 November, 2016

I'mmmmmm Baaaaaccck!!!!

Well.... I am BACK!!!!

There has been SO much happening of late, I can not begin to tell you... But today, it has all come to a conclusion...

You see, after many months/years of agonising over it, I have sold up in Merrylands, the house that Louise and I had shared so many happy years, and also some of the darkest moments I have ever experienced. It was a delightful old home, built in 1927, and came with a large yard.

But, living alone, in a large house and yard, came with a lot of maintenance, which my bad back, could not do anymore. Although the memories will always be with me, it was just simply time to sell! Although purchased for a good price back in 2005, 'bring on the removalist', I was shocked at what I got for the house, which meant I could clear the mortgage, and then buy in cash, so I am a home owner, and debt free!!! It is truely a wonderful experience!

Whilst my sale went through without any hassles, I can not say the same for my new place. What was meant to be a 10 day settlement, ended up being a day short of two months!!!! Oh well...

NOW, I can get on and lay a new lawn in the courtyard, put a deck to the rear of the house with an awning as well, and then I am all done with nothing else to do!!!

Lots of posts over the coming weeks as we get things done, but for now, this is a brief update!!!

Whats everyone been up to of late??

Hoo roo for now...

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