01 January, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year
And welcome to 2017!!!

It would be remiss of me to reflect upon 2016... I sold the home Louise and I purchased in Merrylands, bought a house closer to mum, a new car, and I also ended up in intensive care of all places!!!

The move, whilst traumatic, it also closed another chapter and allowed me to become more at peace with life as well...

I am also grateful for the many MANY friends, both near and far, I have... And whilst I don't have the time to send you ALL a personal message, I am just grateful for you all just 'being there' when needed...

So, to you and your family, from me and mine, I wish you ALL a safe NYE, don't drink too much, and a safe, happy and love filled 2017, what ever it brings!!!!

Whilst the Sydney Harbour Bridge was be covered in fireworks, theres no better show, that of 'Mother Nature'...

Happy New Year!

Sydney Harbour Bridge Sunrise-6504 (EXPLORED)

Hoo roo for now...

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