22 February, 2022

Gold Coast cruise

Today, was a casual trip down to the Gold Coast for lunch; ended up being a 'mini-cruise' with a mates younger brothers new car!!

It was an easy as 60 minute drive south, and although theres is some roadworks along the way, we landed at a place for some quick car pics. HOWEVER, the spot, was backlit and not really good for photography, so I adapted. I ended up taking 17 images (YES, 17!!) of various exposure incriments to pull out some of the shaded areas (otherwise black) and stop the highlights blowing the image, and then using Adobe Lightroom to layer them all together... I knew in my head what was needed, but with me relatively new Canon 5Div, I hadnt used these settings/process before!! I was 'winging it'!!

I was pretty stoked in the end result!!!


THEN, it was to the Curumbin Vikings for a catchup lunch with another mate, the 'Salt & Pepper Calamaari' was FANTASTIC at the Curumbin Vikings Club, before heading off to a well know location for planespotting at Coolangatta.




After a very quick knee-deep poke around in the beach; it was closed due to RIP's, and 'Red Flagged', so I stayed safe, I headed back 'home' and a quiet night.

The next couple of days aren't looking to pretty, lots of rain (c. 120mm tomorrow alone) with the warnings already set out, with a severe weather warning being in place in Queensland for the Wide Bay, Burnett, Darling Downs, and Granite Belt forecast districts. Flash flood warnings are in place for the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Maroochydore, Gympie, Caboolture, Coolangatta and Ipswich.

Hoo roo for now...


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