03 January, 2024

Hoo Roo Brisbane

Today was an early start, and leaving Brisbane at 0430...

Whillst I didn't have a full load of fuel to get me home, I pushed through to Ulmarra near Grafton, which is like a sleepy little village, and 'old school' servo, and the best Bacon & Egg on toast sandwich!!!! And the river view I had it with a Mocha, was great!!

Aside from that, 920km, 9hr 30min of driving, with a secondary stop at another servo on the motorway at Port Macquarie. From here, I had a car with me all the way down to Newcastle, would sit on my ass, I would naturally pull to the left lane and it would pass.... Then, it would pull to the left in front of me and then slow down!!! My Fortuner has adaptive speed cruise control, and this did my head in as I was just losing distance and time, so I simply, after about 4-5 times, stayed in the inside lane, and them on my tail!!!! Oh, and check out the windsock on the Mooney Mooney Bridge!!!!

Got home, watered the garden, made dinner whilst the washing was done, and I am now all ready and waiting to go to work tomorrow morning!!

Hoo roo for now...


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