03 January, 2024

Last Day In Brisbane...

Well, today is the last day in Brisbane, and tomorrow, bright and early start of 0500, I will start the long drive home.... The road between Sydney and Brisbane (and even Sydney and Melbourne) is quite an easy drive actually, and very pleasant as well with lots to stop at along the way!

Today was spent with preakfast with a mate, I forgot to save the pic of my 'Chili Scrambled Eggs, but yesterday I had breakfast with another mate, and there I had the 'Black Forest Crepes' which was devine, and he the 'Scotched Egg' with bacon!!!

The weather hadn't eased up at all until late this afternoon when it receeded to light showers, and finally stopping about 1730 or so. I went and tended to my mates pool whilst he is also away, and reported via pics as to whats happened; he was very pleased and grateful!!!

Meanwhile, John and Murrays furkids have been mischevous with Month being my constant shadow (even to the shower) whilst Oscar has been getting into all sorts of places, one of which I don't think he would be allowed to be atop of the wine fridge!!!! They have been great to also look after this past week!!!

So, Thursday it is back to work day, not sure what I will be going back to, so that will no doubt be fun, and interesting at the same time!! I am hoping to be able to get back into a regiem of gym and swimming before work as well every day, as I seek to get back to a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight!!!

Hoo roo for now...


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