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10 February, 2011

What does a week of 35c PLUS days in a row do??

Have a look at some of these lawn pics... Plus, there is a couple of flowers at the bottom!

Rose garden Wedding Lawn Panorama
Turf Plots Conservatorium of Music (Background)
Land Bridge
Ginger Con

Hoo roo for now...


06 October, 2010

Wordless Wednesday No. 40 From my Office Window

Sorry, just a couple of words... Both of these pics, I can see from my Office, one (AMP Tower) IF I tilt my head to the right and look through the trees...

Woolloomooloo Gates RBG Sydney
AMP Tower from Office
AMP Tower from Office CLOSE UP

Hoo roo for now...


14 May, 2009

Ness Botanic Gardens

Tuesday, Aunty Pat took me across the Wirral to the Ness Botanic Gardens. It is in a very quaint parcel of land across the River Mersey. We got there, by way of missed connections and waiting, but that was OK as the day was lovely and warm...

Upon arrival, I was delighted by the lovely entrance:

Ness Botanic Gardens

Due to our day of missed connections, we were a little peckish, and had lunch in the little Cafe before heading out into the Gardens. I came across a little 'lookout' and the view was grand:

Ness Botanic Gardens

Upon rounding the corner to get to the lower level of the Garden, there was an embankment of (mainly) blue Blue Bells, with the odd white one thrown in as well:

Ness Botanic Gardens Blue Bells

Just a short distance on, there was a great maze mown into the grass as well:

Ness Botanic Gardens Lawn Maze

A short distance away was an amazing Yellow Arbour, and this amazingly blue flower:

Ness Botanic Gardens Arbour

Ness Botanic Gardens Blue Flower

Continuing along the way, we came across a 'Monet' styled bridge and a tricky little carving:

Ness Botanic Gardens Monet Bridge

Ness Botanic Gardens Woodwork


04 July, 2008

Thematic Photographic: Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Pool

Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Pool

This weeks installment for Carmi's 'Thematic Photographic' is of Sydney's Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Pool, whic is next to us at work. This photo was from when the Kittyhawk was in town!

There is a large composition of 'SKY' within this photo, which is wht I picked it (not to mention that it is raining today, so it would be just grey!).

07 May, 2008

100yo Dracaena draco... RIP

Last week, our 100+ year old Dracena draco fell over... May she rest in peace...

Last photo of Dracaena standing

How sad...

17 October, 2007



05 October, 2007

Tranquility of spring...

In Sydney, we are now in spring. I had to go down to the Farm Cove area at work, and the Main Pond seemed to be a sign of tranquility and peace on the day. So here are a few 'snaps' I took of my time down there...

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

25 September, 2007

Spring at work...

Well, Spring has arrived well and truly here at work. I had to go out to locate a Weeping Schotia tree, which I located on our database 'EMU', and I just had to take my camera with me. This tree is an amazing one, as it's common name is also the 'Drunken Parrot' tree, as a lot of the local Parrots and Lorikeets that drink the nectar become 'DRUNK'!

So, may I present to you, a 'Montage' of the "Spring Walk'!

10 September, 2007

Mount Tomah Botanic Garden Waterfall

Over the weekend, we were very busy, and thanks to Sydney being the host to APEC, we had Friday as a public holiday (only if you lived in the Sydney metropolitan area).

Saturday, was Sustainable House Day, so L's team at work (well done C!) had organised a bus tour that we attended, and I was the (un)official photographer.

Sunday, we went to Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, for the field day for my photography course, and here is my 'shot of the day'! (for a larger (not full as it was nearly 9mb) click here or go to my Flickr)

MTBG Waterfall

27 June, 2007

thursday thirteen # 4... why I love where I work...

Thirteen Things about why I love where I work...

1…. When it looks this good, wouldn't you?


2…. In one Garden, we have a bog, and in another, we are almost in a desert!
3…. We have remnant Cumberland Plains, and also show Cold Climate plants!
4…. Showcase Plant Diversity, whilst researching Conservation!
5…. We entertain with Events, and educate through our Education Department!
6…. We maintain the long dead (Herbarium) yet breed (in the Nursery)!
7…. Australia's OLDEST Garden!
8…. We tell the stories of our Indigenous people!
9…. We have a great Shop!
10…. Not to mention a good Restaurant!
11…. Sydney Gardens:- It's Harbour views!

12…. Mount Annan: - Showcasing Australian Native Plants!

13…. Mount Tomah: - Picturesque Mountain views across the valleys!


The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

24 June, 2007

BGT stalker...

Last Thursday, in between a meeting at work and a site visit within our Heritage Glasshouses, we came across this little critter. She is an Echidna and is only young. Needless to say, that it took a little longer to get up to inspect the Glasshouses!!

BGT Stlaker

She was a visitor from the Zoo to our Education department, and was one of two that had recently been attacked by the Zoo's resident Ravens...

Isn't she cute?