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09 September, 2008

Fathers Day 2008

Sunday, we celebrated Fathers Day here in Australia, and this year, it was like all others... Lots of food, lots of family & friends! The last couple of days, we had a lot of rain, too much actually, and on Saturday, we must have gotten around 50mm! Saturday, was so bitterly cold, we thought we had gone back into winter! All concerns of a nice sunny Sunday were under a cloud, pardon the pun...

However, Sunday morning we woke to a beautiful sunny day, still a little cool, but warming up all the same! L went busy preparing a Sour Dough and Berry pudding (with chocolate as well), vacuum the house, whilst I went about putting things out on the nature strip for the Council clean-up, and then prepared the "Asian Greens", which seems to be a regular request! Now, for the past 4-5 days, L has been quite ill... Really bad headaches, nausea and the like, and by the time we were leaving, she seemed not to bad. The nephews M&W were really pleased to see us, and and little W (3 years old now) was asking me to take him up to the park. A promise was made, but (thankfully forgotten) as I was not feeling the best, he went on his way playing with his toys. By mid afternoon though, she had gotten much worse, and we called it a day, and went home to rest. L was promptly in bed by 6pm, and when the 'medications time' arrived at 7pm, I took these in and she went back to sleep and not to be seen again until the wee hours of the morning...

Here is a few 'shots' of the day to enjoy...

Father's Day 2008

02 September, 2007

Australian Fathers Day 2007

Today, we have spent te day with family. You see, its a family thing to do on Fathers day. I did not have a chance to get to see my dad today, as his grave site is a little way away. I did think of him during the day though...
So, today we spent the morning painting the new screen dors for the back of the house, the door frames and the French doors themselves. I will take some photos of that soon and post them! After this, we (very) quickly got all cleaned up I cooked some Asian Greens Bean, photo here at my fotoblog, and off we went to L's favourite brothers place. We had to go to the chemist first to pick up some medications first (and some aftershave for me!).
When we got to the 'party' all was cooked, refreshments being served and close behind us were the baby arrivals of Rosie and Riley. Rosie was fast asleep, and Riley, after being handed around from family member to member, was getting a little unsettled and demanding a feed. Lunch was a grand event (as it always is) and then L ended up with Riley. He was somewhat unsettled, and handed him over to me, the baby wisperer. After about 4-5 mins, I handed him back to L for a hold sound asleep...
Rose now entered the living room, in all of her splendour in a very nice outfit, and she was clearly UNSETTELED! She was shifted from mother to grandmother to great grandmother, to aunty and then me. We had a couple of minutes of tears and cries, and a whisper to her saying that she is NOT going to win... I had her all but asleep when it was called for a photo time of all foour grandchildren, doh, her eyes were so heavy...

After the photo was taken, it was now time to get a special Fathers Day photo of all the fathers and thier children. There is Pa,, L's dad, L's brother (with Max and Will), Ian (with Rosie) & Paddy (with Riley).


Fathers Day Asian Greens

Fathers Day, Asian Greens...

19 June, 2007

joining in

given the fathers day celebrations that seem to be taking place in the USA and UK, here is a photo of my dad taken recently.

Dad enjoying High Tea in the tearoom

I really love this photo it was taken a few weeks back at the tearoom in the QVB when we were celebrating B's graduation with High Tea. My dad looks so well, handsome, proud of our achievements, and pleased to be treating us to tea and cake.

So even though it is not fathers day until September here in Australia, I thought I would share and join in on the celebrations nevertheless*.

*'nevertheless' is one of my dad's words