09 August, 2007

thursday thirteen #8... where is the craft?

Thirteen of my favourite craft shops

In collating my favourite craft shops I have quite a few states (Australian that is) covered; New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. The challenge now is to extend the list to cover South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory. I know there are a couple of good ones in South Australia, but it is quite a few years since I last visited there.

When we were in New Zealand last year, and happened to be in Borders Bookshop we came across a book that was basically a travellers guide to craft shops in New Zealand. Maybe this could be the start of a travellers guide to craft shops in Australia.....

  1. Prints Charming, colourful fresh fabrics like nothing you will have seen before. I've mentioned it before here, these gals are great. And they're in Sydney. They also do a silkscreening workshop, and you get to use their screens, paints and studio. Check back in after the weekend and I should have some pics of my efforts from last weekend.

  2. Patchwork on Central Park, a must when visiting Melbourne just a short tram ride from the CBD. They inspired my love of fabric.

  3. Material Obsession, Sydney, they have great fabrics and innovative kits, and one of the best websites, including a blog.

  4. Ballarat Patchwork, located in historic Ballarat, their store is a little gem. The first quilt kit I completed was purchased from their store. It was a clever combination of ginghams, ticking, spots and floral fabric.
  5. Amitie, a short train ride from the Melbourne CBD, their store can be a little overwhelming with the range of fabric, and is it cheating to make mention of Broderie, which stocks traditional and contemporary embroidery; they share the same roof.

  6. Calico n Ivy, I have never been to their physical store although if I ever get to Western Australia I am there. I have however been to their online store many times. I am going to make this and this one day.

  7. Sarah London, where do they get their vintage chenille? So many great patterns and colours, their quilts and stuffed toy kits can be purchased via their blog shop.

  8. Stitches and Spice, sometimes stitching on linen can get really boring, these hand dyed linens are just the thing to make cross-stitches a little more individual. Some of the colours are really amazing and change the look and feel of your cross-stitch completely.

  9. Fred the Needle, carries a comprehensive range of Amy Butler fabrics and patterns, plus others.

  10. Berrima Patchwork, is located in such an interesting little town, making it a great day trip from Sydney.

  11. The Crewel Goblin, the only place (locally) I know where to get Weeks Dye Works threads and Birds of a Feather cross-stitch patterns. They also do mailorder.

  12. The Quilters Angel, when in Toowoomba, a regular spot for us to visit, both (B & I) being students of the uni (by distance) and having a sister who used to live their. It is worth a visit, have lunch at the cafe, and take in the view.

  13. Timeless Threads, Mittagong, have some great quilts but it is the nifty haberdashery items such as pin closers hand made from beautiful Australian woods that ensure this store makes the list. I have one made of huon pine that is so lovely to use as it is really smooth.

I would love to hear of your favourite craft shops in the comments, include a web address if you can.

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06 August, 2007

WHAT?!?!? I've been tagged!!

I´m somewhat concerned to announce that Genesis from exPat Mom (Mum) has tagged me for my very first tagged meme EVER!

Ok, so the meme is to bring back some older posts and was started by Mimi Pencil Skirt. I have gone back through some of our old posts, so with seats returned to the upright position, tray tables returned to the seat in front, and please fasten your seat belts, here we go:

Link One: Family - Heartache from when the FIL was having his heart procedure. It WAS a very major procedure, where 49 'spots' on his heart were burnt off so as to bring it back from AF, to normal Sinus rythm. Oh, and on a light note, here is the nephew, and his 'sleeping' friends!

Link Two: Friends - On this very old post, it was announced that P&M were having a baby! Liam, is now 2, how time flys, and now he has a sister!.

Link Three: Yourself (umm, as there are TWO of us, I will only do me and save L for another time if SHE gets tagged!) - This is from when I had my spinal surgery. And here is the scar. What should have been a discectomy, ended up with an additional Laminectomy and a reduction of the central canal to allow more room for the nerves. Instead of a quick 90min operation, turned into nearly 5 hours!

Link Four: Something I Love - My 'on the buses' post form when I was in Llandudno was fantastic, so enjoy it again...!

Link Five: Anything at All - My Graduation... I never thought I would ever get here, but after some hard work, here I am! Also, some photos from when we went to Queensland (Australia) for L's graduation.

Ok, I have to tag 5 people, but I can't think of any so far, but you are ALL on notice...

Ok, after thinking about it for the day, here they are (in no particular order):

Dakel Princess
Written Inc.

Each of you have been selected for your own very unique wordsmith (and I would really love to learn something a little different about YOU! So please, play along!

05 August, 2007

gold star day

or should that be 'colour my day'? I have spent the day getting creative in the studio/shop of the talented Kirsten and Cath of Prints Charming. In a sentence it was a fabulous day on my feet silk screening fat quarters using Prints Charming designs. I think I may have completed sixteen fat quarters, aqua on white, red on white, and combinations of the two, as well as royal blue on white, lime and brown on white, fuchsia on linen, navy on linen, lime on linen, and royal blue on linen. Birds, flowers, star bursts, rockets, stripes, spots, dots, and lines, exuding the day's fresh air and sunshine, company and tutelage with perfectionism left at the door.

fat quarter list
I would really like to share my efforts however, as I forgot my camera this morning, and the finished work requires heat setting that will be done by Kirsten and Cath through the week, we shall all have to wait.

It was soooo much fun, next time (yes, next time) I shall be a little more adventurous and do more of the overprinting with more colours and patterns. Mixing it right up. I was not ready for that today, being in a bit of a monotone mood, but even working with the monotones it was a bright, colourful day with the crafting possibilities endless.

Definitely a gold star day.

03 August, 2007

No firm news yet I'm afraid!!

Sorry, but at this stage there is not much to report...

Tests from Tuesday, show that there was a positive result, albeit a low one. The upshot was, however, that the Progesterone was still high, thus not about to cycle. So it was to be repeated today, Friday morning at 7.15am.

A call from the clinic just now, did not carry good news. The Beta HCG level has increased (73 when should have been between 80-100), however, the progesterone is dropping, now at 48 (down from 53) and this could be leading to either a cycle, meaning the IUI did not work, a 'Bio-chemical' pregnancy where the egg was fertilised but did not bury enough into the uterus or an ectopic pregnancy. Luckily enough, the clinic has an on call nurse that you can ring and chat about the process and results further, and I suspect this might be the case. We will know more, and most likely a firm result, on Monday afternoon. A big thank you to all the emails/comments of well wishes, they a greatly appreciated.

So, now how do I cheer up a very sad L? I am thinking of the movies tonight, maybe Harry Potter... She has a Silk Screening class all day Sunday, (we have an 'assignment' on Sunday evening at the Casino High Rollers Room...) so it is only Saturday I have to pick her up. Suggestions please...

edit 9.25pm Fri evening: just back from watching, Licenced to Wed. A bit happier, but still a bit down... Will keep on trying...

further edit, 9.39pm Sat evening: spent the day at the organic markets, then to the hospital to visit nan who's heart is mucking up, and then some gardening. Curry sausages for dinner, and some DVD's, Notes on a Scandle(L) and United 93 me!

02 August, 2007

thursday thirteen #7... favourite websites/blogs

Thirteen Things about our favourite websites...

In no particular order...

1…. Michele! Great site, and it is all about spreading the 'comment cheer' with her great tag line, Hello, Michele sent me. She gives a wonderful insight to the how we are all so very close via the web, yet being separated by distance. I suggest you visit her, and add a tag line from me, and say that burntofferings sent you, OK!! She will love the visit.

2…. eBay Australia! Where would we be without it?? Go on, I know you are addicted to it as well...

3…. Sydney Weather Radar! I love looking at this for when storms are approaching. I used it a lot when I was a greenkeeper, and just the thought of knowing (in advance) when and where a storm was coming from, made it all the easier with the cricket wicket covers at hand...

4…. Pitchcare! As a resource for work, lame I know, but it is fun to see how other Turf Managers are going all over the world...

5…. Blue * Monkey * Jammies! An old, very old (not as in age, but as long term OK), friend from school, and we were even on stage together! She is a bit unwell at the moment, and has been so since Christmas. Get well soon BMJ. Please visit her, and wish her well (and remember my tag line...burntofferings sent you...)!!!

6…. Airliners! Ok, I know what you're thinking, what is he on... But I like flying and would one day like to learn how, so this is about as close as it will get! I am also learning photography, and I think this will be a good medium to work on, apart from Macro work with bugs and flowers...

7…. burntofferings! Of course, in our humbled opinions, the best blog around... falling off chair in fits of laughter can be heard right now!!! Even from here!!!

8…. Fluid Pudding! L is a regular here, has been for some time. Angela tells it like it is, and that is great!

9…. Flickr! A free hosting site for all of our photos for you to see. We have two, one for L and one for me!!

10…. Mundane Super Hero! Oh MSH is a lovely blogger. We were lucky enough last year to receive a package from her. We, naturally of course, sent a true blue Aussie one back full of all things Aussie, Vegemite of course which I hear is illegal in the USA! How RUDE!!!

11…. A Little Bit Pregnant! Used for a resource, both information and reassurance for the whole baby thing we are trying for. L has a very similar bond here, unbeknownst (sp) to the site owner!!

12…. Haloscan! We have to have somewhere to comment don't we?? And I love to read all of your comments...

13…. Technorati! Just a fancy site for blogs listings...

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01 August, 2007

Wordless Wednesday # 3 Aalborg Tree Carvings

Tree Carving Knot

Tree Carving Man Sitting

Tree Carving Singing Dogs

Tree Carving Merman

Tree Carving Scary

Tree Carving Freaky

29 July, 2007

Winter Christmas in Australia

This morning, I took some photo's in our backyard, before heading up the mountains for our first, "Christmas in July" (the only way we have Christmas in sub 35 degrees... In fact, it was a rather warm 9.5 today! This is somewhat of a novel idea here in Australia.

Fish Bath

Macc Scratch



We had such a lovely lunch and afternoon, as can be seen from the menu for today was:
Entree Garlic & chili prawns on a bed of rocket
Main Roast chicken (with gluten-free stuffing!), Glazed ham, Potato bake, Beans with almonds, Steamed broccoli & peas & Gravy
Dessert Sticky date pudding with cream/ice-cream (a gluten-free one too) & Cheese platter
Drinks Entree – Champagne cocktail or Mocktail; Main - Mulled wine, sauvignon blanc, mineral water, Dessert – Hot chocolate, dessert wine, coffee

July Christmas

Christmas Honey Baked Ham
And, the host's for the day...
There was SO much work put into making the day perfect, and perfect it was. Great food, great company and even the weather played nicely as well. It had been some months since 3 of the guest (including the hostess) left the Gardens where I work, so it was great to catch up. Lets not leave it so long next time...


Christmas Host's
And some fancy 'Cup Cakes' from yesterday...

Cup Cakes

27 July, 2007

An awkward moment...

We are both 'Mystery Shoppers' and by that I mean, we go to 'places' shop there and get paid for it! Now this can be quite good at times (Hotel stays, High Roller Gaming rooms etc), but the other day whilst completing an assignment, we were in a fast food chain eating our meal. We sat under a huge wide screen TV (I was in love as I want one...).
So, picture this, with a mouthful of food, you hear the catch line from an opposing fast food chain...

The Burgers are Better at...

I went off my meal at that point...

24 July, 2007

23 July, 2007

he's sick this week...

I have handed the baton to B. With almost identical symptoms to how I was last Monday, it is safe to say that he will be no good for work, or anything much else this week. It is a particularly nasty virus, and even though I made it to work today, I left early afternoon, due to the persistent headache which led to being a bit nauseaus, and 'jointy aches'*.

So with all this sickness, it was only right that I make chicken corn soup for dinner. So easy, just the thing when you need to keep your fluids up, and just what B made for me for dinner last week. It is almost foolproof, as proven by me, no measuring required and goes something like this:

Ingredients: onion, chicken, stock, vegetables (carrot, turnip, potato, capsicum, or whatever you like), and two cans of creamed corn.

Brown onion and chicken in pot, add stock bring to boil, add veges bring to boil and simmer slowly for half and hour or so. Then add creamed corn and simmer till ready to serve. Too easy and great with crusty bread or toast.

*achey joints, when I am not 100% I make mix words (sic).