09 August, 2007

thursday thirteen #8... where is the craft?

Thirteen of my favourite craft shops

In collating my favourite craft shops I have quite a few states (Australian that is) covered; New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. The challenge now is to extend the list to cover South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory. I know there are a couple of good ones in South Australia, but it is quite a few years since I last visited there.

When we were in New Zealand last year, and happened to be in Borders Bookshop we came across a book that was basically a travellers guide to craft shops in New Zealand. Maybe this could be the start of a travellers guide to craft shops in Australia.....

  1. Prints Charming, colourful fresh fabrics like nothing you will have seen before. I've mentioned it before here, these gals are great. And they're in Sydney. They also do a silkscreening workshop, and you get to use their screens, paints and studio. Check back in after the weekend and I should have some pics of my efforts from last weekend.

  2. Patchwork on Central Park, a must when visiting Melbourne just a short tram ride from the CBD. They inspired my love of fabric.

  3. Material Obsession, Sydney, they have great fabrics and innovative kits, and one of the best websites, including a blog.

  4. Ballarat Patchwork, located in historic Ballarat, their store is a little gem. The first quilt kit I completed was purchased from their store. It was a clever combination of ginghams, ticking, spots and floral fabric.
  5. Amitie, a short train ride from the Melbourne CBD, their store can be a little overwhelming with the range of fabric, and is it cheating to make mention of Broderie, which stocks traditional and contemporary embroidery; they share the same roof.

  6. Calico n Ivy, I have never been to their physical store although if I ever get to Western Australia I am there. I have however been to their online store many times. I am going to make this and this one day.

  7. Sarah London, where do they get their vintage chenille? So many great patterns and colours, their quilts and stuffed toy kits can be purchased via their blog shop.

  8. Stitches and Spice, sometimes stitching on linen can get really boring, these hand dyed linens are just the thing to make cross-stitches a little more individual. Some of the colours are really amazing and change the look and feel of your cross-stitch completely.

  9. Fred the Needle, carries a comprehensive range of Amy Butler fabrics and patterns, plus others.

  10. Berrima Patchwork, is located in such an interesting little town, making it a great day trip from Sydney.

  11. The Crewel Goblin, the only place (locally) I know where to get Weeks Dye Works threads and Birds of a Feather cross-stitch patterns. They also do mailorder.

  12. The Quilters Angel, when in Toowoomba, a regular spot for us to visit, both (B & I) being students of the uni (by distance) and having a sister who used to live their. It is worth a visit, have lunch at the cafe, and take in the view.

  13. Timeless Threads, Mittagong, have some great quilts but it is the nifty haberdashery items such as pin closers hand made from beautiful Australian woods that ensure this store makes the list. I have one made of huon pine that is so lovely to use as it is really smooth.

I would love to hear of your favourite craft shops in the comments, include a web address if you can.

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