08 August, 2008

The owner of the bed is...

Macc has, stricken ALL over the house, various beds of all shapes, colours and sizes. He even has 'ownership' of the sheepskin that is beside the bed! This is not the problem, however, but it is more of a problem for Jasmine! You see, she will look longingly at it, but look out if you were to pick her up and try to put her on it! She will wriggle, squirm scratch at you if she even thinks you're going to place her on the bed. She will even be so quick as to be off it in less than a millisecond!

BUT, the other day, I was upstairs in the study on the computer up there, it has a better sitting position for me. I turned around to find miss Jasmine on HIS bed! I thought, who took my kitty?! Anyways, Macc must have known something was amiss, as about 20-30mins later, he came up to find HER on HIS bed! He looked, sniffed, looked at me as if to say... "well go on, get her off MY bed..." In the end, he gave up, and sat himself beside it, and dropped his nose on it just to rub it in that he was still the OWNER of the bed!

Bed owner is...

An update....

Well, the transfer happened last week, the medications have (and still are being) taken, and this morning was an early start...

5.25am, Macc was barking at something (most likely a bat in one of the fruit trees or a neighbours cat helping its self to his bowl) outside as he was enjoying the warmth inside. I got an sms from my brother saying last night it was -4.5 in the Blue Mountains! So, at 5.30am when the alarm went off, a quick breakfast of a coffee and toast (with Vegemite) get dressed and it was off to have the blood test at 7am!

Normally, by this stage, things had started to happen that were NOT meant to happen, but so far, all is good. I will not get a phone call from the clinic until around 1pm, so we are waiting on tender hooks at the moment...

Update to follow...

UPDATE: (1:45pm AEST) A big fat NEGATIVE... L is distraught... At least we have another 5 in storage. The thing is, how long do we wait and rest?

07 August, 2008

Thematic Photographic: Patterns

Ok, so here we go again with Carmi's (WrittenInc) 'Thematic Photographic.

Everyday, I come to work and have to endure some amazing sights. If not Sydney Harbour, the Harbour Bridge, Opera House etc... but that of WHERE I actually work. It really is an amazing site with lots of really cool things all happening at different times throughout the year.

So, here are a few shots of this weeks theme of 'Patterns'. The pattern being replicated throughout the shots, is an arch. In the 'Greenbow', you can see how the flower stem from the giant Agave is arching under the weight of its stem.


In this shot, the soft arching lines of the lawn under the Ficus Tree is there to somewhat protect this old girls root lines. It is also a different species of turf to that of the main species that does not require as frequent mowing, and is also shade tolerant.

Tree of Light

And finally, in this shot, you will notice that the fungi have a somewhat phallic appearance about them, however, they still have a very arch appearance about them as well.

Fungi Sydney

So, don't forget to go over and see Carmi (WrittenInc), comment there (and here as well) just to share the comment cheer and to see some wonderful interpretations of 'Patterns'!

31 July, 2008

Thematic Photographic, SIGNS: IVF Transfer Room 2

Again, whit credit to Carmi at Written Inc, here is this weeks 'Thematic Photographic'!

This is sort of how we spent yesterday, Wednesday Sydney Time, with it being a 'double day'!

IVF Transfer Room 2

Your turn: Here are the Thematic Photographic guidelines:

  1. Carmi will post a new entry every Wednesday evening.
  2. Each entry has a unique theme. This week's his theme is...signs!
  3. You post a similarly themed image over on your blog.
  4. You paste a link to your entry in a comment over at Written inc and maybe here as well.
  5. If you've already posted something that fits (on a blog, Facebook, MySpace, wherever) simply post the link to the existing entry.
  6. You may post one per day, many per day, one each day of the entire week, whatever suits your fancy. This is all about sharing, so feel free to share to your heart's content!
  7. Please share this link with friends, too. We like when lots of folks have fun with photography.

Non Operational Internet, Moving Mother and a Family RANT...

Yesterday, our ISP had a bit of a 'meltdown'... From the time we got home after L's appointment, we had nothing but 'Unable to connect'! This was sooooo frustrating, as there was so much to tell!
But I will leave that for another post or L will tell you over at her blog.
BUT, now, things have returned to normal (ISP) and we are back on air. But today, I am home sick with the flu, which L is in the final stages of and given it to me (nothing like her caring sharing attitude, hey?). Even though today here in Sydney, it is a lovely morning, ice on the windscreen of the car, a small amount of frost on the grass, it is actually turned out to be quite a nice warm day of 16 degrees. Lovely weather for a rest and relaxation don't you think!
My mum is moving house today, and even though I had wanted to go out and assist, as I do not think I can muster the energy. She does have a removalist after all, and she completely understands how we are placed at the moment (IVF) and can not help anyway! My brother is out there, as with my nephew from my (apparent) sister. I say apparent, as we had a falling out just after we bought our house three years ago. We have not spoken since, well I have to her, but unless mum has been there, there is never a reply, so I no longer bother with it all really. I don't know why she is still carrying on after all this time! Anyways, end of rant... She has to have everything out of the house by 2.30pm BUT she can not move into her new house until AFTER 2.30pm. It is called a simultaneous settlement. I am glad that when we moved, we still had the old house that we could take some time to move things across, much easier!. So, with only 2 hours to go, and the removalists in, good luck mum!

29 July, 2008

WW # 28: Tea-riffic

Just a 'small' collection of the order... She will be drinking tea for years!


28 July, 2008

Here it is, the SPA!

OK, so as you know, we have been kinda busy with Chinese Teachers on Home-stay (first a week with two, followed by a week of three) and with the house painting. We now have only two bedrooms to go, so that will be done in a couple of weeks as one bedroom in particular, will have major work to be done with regards to the rendering...

But, as in previous posts, we did say that we would be getting a spa. First there was the purchase, buying the Gazebo (now a Pavilion), pouring of the slab, construction of the Pavilion and finally delivery of the spa. It was a very tight 'squeeze through the Garage (you could here the bubble wrap 'popping' as it went through...) and then up onto the slab. It was no mean feat in getting it there with one of the tyres on the trolley 'popping' and going flat!

When the B.I.L and Co were building the Pavilion, I got L to go to Bunnings to get some electrical cable for some lighting I was intending to do; one externally that the F.I.L found for us, and the other to be above the spa itself for some additional light. This one, a Chandelier, we actually got from IKEA!

Now these photos were taken at around 5pm last night, and was when the sun was going down and the light was low... It was also after a storm we had that left some parts of Sydney with 'Soft Hail' or a rare event of 'Snow'! (Read and see a video here)

Spa in Pavilion

Spa in Pavilion

27 July, 2008

For now, it's done!!!

Whilst over the last two weeks we have had some Chinese teachers staying with us, we are now on a 12 day break before we get another couple of teachers. In a separate post in a couple of days, I will tell you all about the latest lot of teachers. So, without having to prepare additional dinners etc, we can now move back onto 'normal' blogging!
After just over three years, we have finally (and almost all) painted the interior of the house. Not that it was all that bad a colour, but its amazing how just a wall vent almost falling off in one bedroom led to the whole house being painted!

Painted lounge room!!

1. Kitchen, 2. Kitchen 250708, 3. Laundry & Kitchen, 4. Lounge Room 250708, 5. Lounge Room: - Courtyard, 6. Lounge Room 250708

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

For now, we're done, but with two bedrooms to go, we are approaching the finishing line. After this, and we have already started looking at pricing, we will be replacing the bench top in the kitchen to a granite one!

17 July, 2008

Who said that the painting was over???

Just when we thought it was all over (for now), I came up with this brilliant idea (not) to paint the lounge room & kitchen on my way home from dropping off the new set of Chinese teachers. Oh what a fool am I!
So, here are a few 'before' shots just to show you what we had. Apologies for the mess as we had started to move things first, THEN decieded to take some photos!

Lounge Room: - Courtyard

Lounge Room: - Courtyard

Lounge Room: - Backyard

Laundry & Kitchen

All things being fair and good, it should all be finished tomorrow (fingers crossed... It is approx, 45-50m sq!)

15 July, 2008

Banksia Seed

Banksia Seed