25 January, 2011

Repoint/Tuckpoint complete

Today, I had one HELL of a headache, and didn't make it into work it was that bad. Having said that, I spent most of the day either in the house (with air con on in lounge room) or in bed sleeping... It was another hot day in old Sydney town! At one point, I woke up in a sweat that was, simply, horrid! Sorry if this was TMI!

Anyway, this is going to be a quick post due to me being tired, so here are some photos, the reason why it needed to be done, a progress photo (or two) and then some of the completed work (both repoint and tuckpoint)! I will have to wait though to do a full shot, as I need to mow lawn LOW, fertilise and water in to make the garden look a lot better as it has had a bit of a trudging this last week and a bit!

I am SO happy with the work from Guliano from the Brick Pointing Team! I am MORE than happy to recommend!

Reason to repoint
Garage Side
Acidwash Pressure Clean
Taped Up
Tape Removal
Garage Taped Up
Taped Up

Hoo roo for now...


21 January, 2011

Work programs... Starting and finishing!

This week, sees the starting of a major works program at home, whilst it bring the finish of another. It had been a long time coming for me, and finally, a yard upgrade that is finished for a friend!

On Monday, the re-pointing and tuck-pointing of the house started. I first got a quote done for this way back in Feb/March of 2009. It was an on again off again due to other commitments. However, in November, I committed to it and I got the call from the tradesman saying he was going to start! So, on Monday, he took to the mortar lines with an angle grinder and ground out about 10-155mm or so of the old lime mortar. It was going to be a two day job, but it was done in the day (soft mortar) but he did finish at around 7.30pm!

Tuesday, the garage side wall was re-pointed in an off white mortar. This took the day, and Wednesday and Thursday, was the area along the other side of the house along the second bedroom in the same off white, as a decision was to be made if I was to have from the facade to the entrance door, tuck-pointed. You see, most early Californian Bungalows have a 'front door' but in my case, it is a door that is to the side of the house. So the facade (Garage, bay window and veranda around the corner) was of a slightly different brick, a face brick, with matching common bricks elsewhere. This was very typical of the period (1927) of the home. BUT, I am not sure about returning it to a tuck-point, and having a very distinct change where the entrance door is. The areas that are getting tuck-pointed, has a brown mortar instead of the off white, but then gets taped up and a very fine white line is put on. It is very much a dieing art and trade! Anyway, here are the pics I quickly grabbed the other day:

Garage Side
Facade pre tuck-point
Facade pre tuck-point Bay Window

Also, before Christmas, I helped plan and coordinate a friends backyard makeover. He did the bulk of the design, I just helped it come to fruition! It was fun spending HIS money for once !!! lol Anyway, his spa was installed prior to Christmas and yesterday, the shade structure was installed. So his makeover is now finished! He is SO happy with it, me too just quietly, and the yard is now very much a usable space for entertaining (not to mention, having a spa as well)! He's having family down on Wednesday, they don't know its been done, and he is very excited! Here are some pics of his place:

Frank's Spa
Frank's Spa
Frank's Spa & Sundeck

Hoo roo for now...


11 January, 2011

Queensland flooding...

UPDATE 12/01/2011: 75% of Queensland is now declared as flood affected, which is TWICE as big as Texas, and over FIVE times larger than the United Kingdom...

This recent flooding up in Queensland, is so devastating that words can simply not say how bad it really is... Here is a collection of footage, and images I have sourced to highlight JUST how bad it is. Some areas are under 20m of flood water! Its been claimed that the area of Queensland under flood conditions, is bigger than France and Germany combined!

Toowoomba, at over 700m ABOVE sea level, had over 300mm rain in a 24 hour period alone. Here is some footage, and some photos...

Queensland floods 2011
Toowoomba flood 2011
Toowoomba Floods
Toowoomba Floods
Toowoomba Floods

Hoo roo for now...


09 January, 2011

Going to a Nursery and NOT spending, yeah right!!

Today, I went up to Flower Power at Glenorie, mainly to look for some pot feet and wind chimes for a mate, and I went with the intention to NOT, I repeat NOT spend a cent... Ok, I didn't, instead, I spent $137!!!

When we were walking through the homewares section, I spotted some cushions, I liked them and thought they would look good on the lounge... Luckily, they were on special, 50% off, so I got them and on top of this, there was an additional 8% trade discount using my trade card!!! So it was a bonus!!!

Lounge Before/After
Lounge Chair Before and After

Needless to say, they didn't have the right pot feet we were after, and by the end of the day, I went to two other Flower Powers (Moorebank x 3 & Bass Hill x 1) to get them.

Hoo roo for now...


07 January, 2011

New Years Eve and two days of spotting


On New Years Eve, I was lucky enough to have some tickets to, basically, have front rows lawns to the biggest fireworks display in the world! For some reason, that's the way it seems! Really, our Eastern neighbours in New Zealand are the first, but the focus seems to be on Sydney with everyone comparing OUR fireworks. I wonder why...


I took a mate with me, I prepared a dip, a salsa dip as well, cheese and a Danish salami and corn chips and crackers as well... I took some drinks for us to share! When we arrived, we caught up with D&A with their son B. He's a great kid, and was very friendly! It was also great to catch up with D&A as well, not to mention D's mum B!

I had a text message from another mate who was down from Newcastle, and after a couple of text's, we arranged that he will come and stay as well, after all, I have plenty of room and there were no more trains heading back north! We all eventually hit the beds at around 3.45am... I woke, later than normal, at 7am, whilst J & N got up and about around 9. We decided that a day of spotting was in order, so we got ourselves ready and was at YSSY in around 45 mins! It was going to be hot, 41c, so after a little while at one place, we headed for lunch of seafood, and then to a new place (for me) and set up camp there. Another mate, K, had decided to beat the heat in western Sydney, so when I dropped N at the station, I collected K and we headed back to the spotting spot! It was a great day, with great company!


The following day, Sunday, was a quick day trip down to Melbourne for another day of spotting... There was four of this day, with J's dad D and my mate from Melbourne, another D! Again, a great day and great company. When we left Melbourne, there was a considerable amount of storm activity in Sydney, and as a result, we were in a holding pattern over Canberra for a little bit. I didn't mind at all, and J got some great sunsetting pics! Thanks for a great couple of days J, (and N, K, D & D) I really had a great time!

Gooney VH-OVM
VOZ with J at the fence

I've also been back to work this week, sad, but I am already planning a few things. There is a 3 day conference I am very interested in in Brussels which I think would be good to go to for a research paper I am co-authoring. There is also a possibility of a 4-5 days away to Hong Kong, to again visit the Hong Kong Jockey Club for a visit to discuss techniques with the Track Manager, and we may fill in with a bit of spotting there as well; who knows!

Hoo roo for now...


01 January, 2011

The 'Naughties': a decade in review...

At the close of 2010, the first decade in the 2000's, A friend of mine posted her review of the decade. I liked this idea, and as such, I will do the same. Thanks Genesis! So in no particular order...

  • Sydney held the 'Best Games Ever' for the Olympics! It was a great time to be in Sydney, and I have fond memories of the time.
  • Celebrated our first wedding anniversary.
  • I had many nephews and a niece born throughout the decade.
  • Bought our first AND second house!
  • I had my first international flight in 2004 to Japan, England, Denmark. I now have the travel bug very much in me now...!!! I also got my British Passport!
  • In 2005, I had major spinal surgery to remove a disc bulge, remove a 'lamina' off one of the vertebra and also a reduction of the central canal where the nerve roots come out of the spinal chord.
  • Commenced IVF treatment, and with it came 6 miscarriages. This was a roller coaster of a time, both for me and more so for L her, in 2009, suffered a Pulmonary Thrombo Embolism and died. This was the lowest of not only the year, or the decade, but for a very long time... Missing you xxooxx
  • Have met some of the most amazing people this decade. Commenced friendships through blogging. Some include Senator Penny Wong in Bali for the UN Climate Change Conference, blogging friend and a true 'mate' Maribeth to name a couple!
  • Commenced new friendships, of which I am confident, these will become long lasting as well...

I am also hoping to travel a little bit, either in 2011 or 2012 to the USA, Guatemala, India and Vietnam to name but a few.

So, with the passing of the 'Naughties' I wish you all a great 2011, and for the upcoming decade and into the future. , Hoo roo for now...


31 December, 2010

A morning of spotting for a 77F

Just a couple of pics I got when Emirates started the longest flight ever from Sydney to New York (17.5 hours)! Apart from the Skycargo and the Korean, I have actually been on all of these carriers!

EK Skycargo A6-EFD
Korean HL7461

It was a great morning, better than the previous morning when it was supposed to go when it closed in and then rained and rained and rained!

Hoo roo for now...


30 December, 2010

Christmas happenings...

Ok, I thought I would let you know how I spent Christmas...

I had some friends staying for Christmas and their two kids, B,S with Miss H (9) & Mr Z (4). They were great company to have over the festive season, I had a ball and I think they did too! It actually meant I put up the Christmas tree, which I did not do last year as I didn't really feel 'Christmassy'. Anyway, after going out looking at Christmas lights earlier in the week, I was really tired after a very late morning, followed by an early morning, so I only had like 3 hours sleep! So it was now Christmas morning...

I had woken to the sounds of little people TRYING hard to be quiet... I couldn't wait any longer as I just knew that they wanted presents! So I got out of bed and said morning greetings before we exchanged presents.

I then did a somewhat 'traditional' Aussiepomm Christmas breakfast of Fried Ham, Eggs, and diced tomato and Onions on toast; YUMM!

After breakfast, they went to their family (my extended family sort of) and I went out to mum's and then over to my sisters, approx 30-40 minute drive west. We had a drink and exchange of gifts, and afterwards, I dropped mum back at her place and headed on a 2hr drive north to L's parents. I stopped to visit L's grave quickly, as I was already running late! There was already a lot of family here, and after a small delay, we sat for Christmas lunch. Funnily enough, little people Mr & Miss 3 (R&R) didn't want to sit and eat, and they were in the family room awfully quiet, until in the silence, there was suddenly the noise of paper ripping! Miss R (3) had found one of her presents and opened it!!!

Anyway, after a long afternoon here, I then had to head 30 minute drive north west out to the extended family (sort of) to B's place for Christmas dinner, third meal of the day. I was now totally exhausted. Had an excellent time here with my dear friends, but I just so wanted to be home in bed.

So that was Christmas with the families... Tomorrow, I will post about the first decade in the 'naughties'!

Hoo roo for now...


19 December, 2010

What a day...

Today started with what is almost a typical Aussie Christmas breakfast... Fried Ham, Tomato's and Eggs on toast... YUMM!! It was done on the BBQ, and was really good 'work food' for the day! Today was going to be a full day, as Saturday was somewhat wasted in that I went out to mum's, had a midday appointment and my mate 'F' had to go up the coast to have a Christmas lunch with his family! So today was a 'catch-up day with the fence...

First though, we cut off the Merbau boards to size, then with the help of a bench drill (and a jig) drill holes... ALL 288 of them! The cutting did not take long at all, NOR did the drill of most of the holes, but the last 48 did take a little longer than the rest but they did get it sorted!

Most of this was done whilst the steel framing was drying after the second coat of black paint, and by the time it was dry, it was now time to start screwing them to the frame... Time was of the essence here, as the Sydney Radar was showing a small rain front coming. We were on our 9th board, when all of a sudden a few drops of rain, and with using an electric drill, it was (quickly) decided that we should retreat to the dryness of the garage... Then it poured like nothing else! We stopped for a while, ordered Chinese for dinner, and then continued along with the last of the screws for the first panel. Enough done for the day, job done!

Tomorrow is another early one, as the spa is being delivered at an unknown time, and 'F' has a funeral to go to so I will be house sitting if it has not arrived by lunch time! This week will also see me dong my Christmas shopping (I just can't seem to get into it, same as last year as L was the major organiser when it came to the Christmas shopping), but it needs to be done. I am also going out for some more Christmas lights to photograph, and I also have a bike to build... I want to watch someone else do it for a while and have a laugh, but it will only mean having to disassemble it to rebuild it, so we will see how we go!

Hoo roo for now...


18 December, 2010

Bon Jovi & my 10th Anniversary

Last night, I was invited to go to Bon Jovi's first Sydney Concert... I thought it would have been a great concert, but I had NO idea JUST how good it would be! Here is what the stage looked like about 15-20 minutes prior to the concert starting...

Bon Jovi Stage

And just after he started his 2 hour PLUS concert, without a break really!

Bon Jovi Opening set
Richie Sambora did one song whilst the man went off and have a change, but the concert itself went non stop!

My mate's mum (and friends) came in from Parkes in Western NSW for the concert, and as one of the family had to stay at home to attend to whats left of the crop after the recent rains/floods, this is how I got a spare ticket! I am so grateful for the ticket, and the night, thanks again Jayden!

I say this, as yesterday would have been my 10th Anniversary...

Wedding Day
I was feeling a little down for most of the day, and this concert CERTAINLY lifted my mood as did the two bits of good news I got in the afternoon!

  1. I got my Electricity bill, which was a total of $9.31cr!!!! So nothing to pa now until the next billing cycle in around 2.5 - 3 months time!
  2. I got an email from the Tax Department, saying that my tax is processed, I had paid too much money in places, and that my regular monthly bill will be reduced. Again, this was great timing as well!

After the concert, we got away from the stadium pretty quickly for where I was parked. We headed down to Harry's Cafe de Wheels for a pie. I had my normal Chicken and Mushroom pie with cheese and tomato sauce, whilst Jayden had the same pie, but with mashed potato and mushy peas with gravy! Its called a "Chicken Tiger"! It was his first time at Harry's and I suspect, it will not be his last!

Hoo roo for now...