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16 September, 2012

Weekend Work & Smelly Things...

Saturday, was going to be a busy day, gardening blah blah blah... But NOOOOO... Something came up and I simply needed a diversion, so luckily enough for me, a mate came over and we simply hung out for the afternoon... Nothing planned, but I had wanted to get down to the Wisteria Gardens Fete, that we use to go to 30 odd years back. They had small rides, show bags and the like, but the gardens were (once) wonderful. It is part of a rehab hospital, so there are also patients walking about. BUT, a few years back, before L died, they had removed a lot of the Cherry Blossom trees, the Ranunculus are gone and so on, but there was a bit of colour all the same...

Wisteria Gardens FeteWisteria Gardens FeteWisteria Gardens Fete

Sunday, this NOW became my gardening day, tidy up the side garden that leads to the front door (on the side of the house; yes), prune, weed and feed the rose garden bed, and the feed the lawn. I stopped for a quick lunch of a Cheese and vegemite toastie - yumm!!

Sunday Lunch - Vegemite & Cheese toastie

I used Chook manure on the side and lawn, and the Roses got Cow manure. Needless to say that the house smells somewhat 'earthy' this evening!!

Side Garden cleaned out and fedWatering in

Hoo roo for now...


08 March, 2011

House Maintenance or spotting?

SORRRRRY, I was busy and didn't post... Here is a make up!


Whilst Saturday was all about Baseball and 'spotting', Saturday night was simply a lazy night in front of the TV. Although, I did make dinner for M & J who were over... Simple dinner of a creamy chicken pasta. It was tasty, and was enjoyed (I think)!

Sunday though, was a very busy day... I got an early morning txt, and it was a quick drive BACK to the airport to do some more spotting. Alas, I was supposed to be painting, but here I was... It was another good morning, got a few good shots, and the company was great, as usual! But I left around 10.30-11am to go to my in-laws, but they were out (I suspect at the Antique Markets at Wentworth Park! So I headed home all the same...

This was OF COURSE via Bunnings to get paint supplies! J was at hand, and he wasn't too bad with a paintbrush either... I did some of the more 'fiddly' work around the windows, but it is all becoming very nice... I am however, in a little dilemma, as to do I put the shutters back on or not... I would like your thoughts...

House Shutters on or off?
Garage Bay Window

After a bit of macro photography (they will be up tomorrow), it was back out to the airport for a rare bird coming back into Sydney, a friend was flying out (Crew) to Singapore, and just to chill out... I like these sorts of days!

Sydney City


Monday really was NOT a good day at all, it was ok, but not great... And to top it all off, I have damaged two of my front bottom teeth! I have called the Dentist, but I can not get in until tomorrow at 2.30pm. Which reminds me of a really bad joke... "How do you know what time to go to the Dentist? Tooth hurty (2.30)" see, I told you it was bad...

I managed to get a little bit more done around the house though, so I was happy with that, but I still have some more to do today when I get home shortly!

Hoo roo for now...


19 December, 2010

What a day...

Today started with what is almost a typical Aussie Christmas breakfast... Fried Ham, Tomato's and Eggs on toast... YUMM!! It was done on the BBQ, and was really good 'work food' for the day! Today was going to be a full day, as Saturday was somewhat wasted in that I went out to mum's, had a midday appointment and my mate 'F' had to go up the coast to have a Christmas lunch with his family! So today was a 'catch-up day with the fence...

First though, we cut off the Merbau boards to size, then with the help of a bench drill (and a jig) drill holes... ALL 288 of them! The cutting did not take long at all, NOR did the drill of most of the holes, but the last 48 did take a little longer than the rest but they did get it sorted!

Most of this was done whilst the steel framing was drying after the second coat of black paint, and by the time it was dry, it was now time to start screwing them to the frame... Time was of the essence here, as the Sydney Radar was showing a small rain front coming. We were on our 9th board, when all of a sudden a few drops of rain, and with using an electric drill, it was (quickly) decided that we should retreat to the dryness of the garage... Then it poured like nothing else! We stopped for a while, ordered Chinese for dinner, and then continued along with the last of the screws for the first panel. Enough done for the day, job done!

Tomorrow is another early one, as the spa is being delivered at an unknown time, and 'F' has a funeral to go to so I will be house sitting if it has not arrived by lunch time! This week will also see me dong my Christmas shopping (I just can't seem to get into it, same as last year as L was the major organiser when it came to the Christmas shopping), but it needs to be done. I am also going out for some more Christmas lights to photograph, and I also have a bike to build... I want to watch someone else do it for a while and have a laugh, but it will only mean having to disassemble it to rebuild it, so we will see how we go!

Hoo roo for now...