13 September, 2004

No longer home alone

Things are now back to normal. B is home again.

My week home alone (except for my four legged companions) did not provide me with much to report on; work, study, feed and interact with said four legged companions, and sleep. I had to cook my own dinner each night and am pleased to report NO BURNT OFFERINGS, although I made up for that when B got home by burning the Basmati in the microwave.

Friday, picked B up from the airport and shopping with mum.

Saturday, we had a flyby visit from the littlest sister and her partner, in the area to look at tiles. A also visited for dinner and to show off her new phone. I was meant to study but was easily distracted searching out Blythe sites.

Sunday, another success on ebay with the purchase of Hollywood Blythe.

Back at work today.

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