20 September, 2004

what a weekend.......AGAIN!!!!

Well, what a weekend. It all started on Friday, my flex day, where I went to see the Thunderbirds movie with A. And I must say, it is a hoot!!! Very cheesy in the send up of it all really, but it is worthy of seeing!
Saturday, when we got the call from the MIL, I just knew it was going to be a bad day, we went off to the dinosaur Design that L has mentioned. What she failed to say though, is a phone call to the bank manager should have been made as well!!! For it was not only just the Saturday that we went, but L also went on the Sunday to get some MORE!!!!!!
And what's more, I was at PetFest for HCC all day on the Sunday for GAP, and all MACC could do was try and get into the tent and sleep!!!! It was a good day though, with a lot of people coming to the display we had set up. Even an old mate S and girlfriend R was there with their puppy too!!! Today, S mum is flying out to London to meet up with her other son and his GF. I hope that she has a good time, for I wish I was going with her, I am sure she could utilise my services as baggage handler, visitor guide etc....
Well, I had better go, as I am busy preparing for a presentation for Sydney In Bloom, being held here in the Domain, and it is also going to be the same presentation for the HCC Garden Awards this coming Thursday night!

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