13 September, 2004

Thunderbirds are go!!! Well, nearly!!

Well folks, it's almost here, Thunderbirds are go!!! This week will see the opening of the movie, I hope it is as good as it is made out to be!! Although so far, the reports I have heard that it is a bit sad, but heck, it is a spoofed up version anyway, isn't it???

I left for Wagga Wagga last Sunday, just before the mother of all storms hit Sydney. You can see some of the pics here! Wagga was so green, not to mention wet!! Charles Sturt University put on a fine conference. Although, for the field trips, the tour that was the "Highlands Trip" left two people behind (clearly no school teachers there doing a head count) and had to get a hire car to get back to the Uni, the tour that was to the "Irrigation Regions" upon return to the Uni, took a wrong turn and required a Uni tractor to get them out of the bog it found itself in, and we ate most of the food of the third tour, as they got lost and arrived 2 hours late!!

However, I upon my return, with a rather upset tummy, I decided it was better for both my tummy and for the toilet, that it is best NOT to have dinner that night, and as L has mentioned (first as I was not going to say a thing) yes, she burnt the rice in the MICROWAVE!!!

I what's more, I am blaming Loobylu for L obsession with the Blythe dolls, and her resulting purchase!!!

Well, that's it for now, so stay tuned!!!

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