20 June, 2005

90 next thursday

Birthday cake for 90
My (grand)Pa turns 90 on Thursday, and Sunday the extended family* and friends held a celebration at my grandparents house. It was afternooon tea with the usual catering to excess, skillfully put together by my mum and Auntie Christine.

Cupcakes care of the next sister down
It was also the youngest cousins 15th birthday, and it was actually her birthday on Sunday.

birthday people


more family and friends

dad, brother, littlest sister, next sister down, and partners
It was a great day for our family, but in the ying and yang of life B's family were not having such a great day and thoughts go to them and B's uncle who is very sick in hospital.

*As a postscript - I hate it when people from the eastern suburbs say they will get a nose bleed coming out to the western suburbs or even crossing the bridge, grow up and don't be so boring. You should be ashamed of yourself at your age, you stupid woman.... and your eyebrows are too thin!

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