18 June, 2005

i'm in need of a cure for insomnia

I couldn't stay in bed a minute longer, so the plan is to catch up on emails, blogs and general surfing. I don't know why I get the insomnia thing - especially now. I have been so tired this week. I have struggled to stay awake past 9.30pm and apart from getting through my exam (tuesday), I have had so much to do and none of it involved packing for the move to the new house next week - that is this weekends priority. Also happening this weekend:
  • accompany B to get a haircut, I have cancelled the eyebrow wax, and manicure (what was I thinking),
  • shop for presents for the youngest cousin (she'll be 15, a straw pole of acquaintances with teenagers tell me they want money most of all, so that will be easy) and a present for my (grand)Pa, and this one is proving difficult, he'll be 90 - and the grandmother has stipulated it must be "consumable, nothing that means she'll have to find a space in the house to put it",
  • make a Bailey's dip and accomanying fruit platter for the birthday celebration on Sunday, and
  • attend birthday celebration (not before a cucumber or cold teabag eye compress, and I am going to sleep Saturday night right through to Sunday morning).

As it is now almost a reasonable hour of the morning - I am back to bed and will wake just as the bread finishes baking (I can smell it now and it smells pretty good) , and I will not look like I am allergic to the littlest sister's cat ( I am, and my eyes are still sore, but it was fun visiting them yesterday), and will be able to string sentences and thoughts together which I am struggling to do at present.


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