04 June, 2005

boofhead of the week goes to....... L

Let me paint you a picture. As L has already mentioned about the toilets, here is a truer rendition of what really transpired. You see, the toilets had been slowly leaking from the washer in the very bottom of the inner workings of the cistern, you know the type, a $2.39 part that would take a tradesman $200 to replace!!! Well, L's dad offered to come over to fix it a couple of weeks ago, and one morning, L had a hissy fit, and I had one back and went to Bunnings to get the bits to fix it, and fix it I did. But, they needed some (gentle) fine tuning so as the float would stop at a point where it did not overflow into the bowl.

Now, I have not really been sleeping that well, and I have generally be awake until about 3.30am. On the said morning from L's last blog regarding the toilets, it was around 5.20am when a very dejected L came back to bed, rather cold I might add. I asked as to what she was doing, and the conversation went something like this:

L: Nothing much....

B:Ok then....

L: But there is something, do you promise not to be cross?? (who me??)

B: Ok, what is it (Thinking she had been at the now banned website eBay)??

L: Umm, you know how you fixed the toilet in the bathroom by bending the float arm to stop it overfilling into the bowl....

B: Yes????

L: I did the same in the downstairs one as it was driving me mad....

B: Well done honey that's great...... (Thinking about going back to sleep).....

L: Now you DID promise NOT to get cross right....???

B: (Now VERY awake) What happened?

L: I broke it!

How to go from this.....
Before boofhead treatment
Too this...
After boofhead treatment
And on it went... 7am, and it was off we went to Bunnings to see if we could get a replacement part. But, when we got in there, it was not me that was going to be asking for it, it was going to be L!!! And, I am sure that the guy L asked thought it was all that funny, thinking I had actually done the deed and using my wife as a front, but this was NOT the case is it L?

The irony of all this was that today, both F.I.L and my M.I.L (Father In Law & Mother In Law) were coming over that day for the F.I.L to fix it! So, we got the correct part and went home, installed it and then found out, it was correct, but the original center bit that controls a half/full flush would also have to be replaced as it was not allowing for a smooth action of the replaced other bit that fills up the cistern!!! We had lunch and said our goodbyes to the F.I.L and the M.I.L and went back to Bunnings to replace the next bit as well.

Finally, after 3 trips (the original one to get the 2 washers and the 2 trips to get 2 different parts), we now have proper functioning toilets!

No! It has now become apparent, that the toilet that L originally broke that fine morning, is leaking from where the tap meets the pipe that goes up to the cistern. So after another trip to get a braided piece of hose to install tomorrow, hopefully it will now be fixed. If not, I will move out. Hang on, I already am!!!!!!

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