05 June, 2006

any further bids

Not from me… but my dad on the other hand. What started out as a visit with mum and dad on Saturday ended with a trailer full of items on Sunday.

Saturday, B and I popped over to my parents place in the afternoon for a cup of tea and a chat, as well as to take a sticky at an open house across the road from my family home. However, a few delays and distractions on the way from our place to their place meant that we missed the actual open house. Not to worry, as Mum had Plan B, which was to view house contents to be auctioned the next day in Northbridge. This would also be a trip down memory lane of sorts, the house and its contents being in the same street that my dad grew up in and I remember spending many a happy hour with my ‘grandmother’ (she didn’t like to be called that) until she passed away in the late 80’s. So mum, dad, B and I took off, and what started out as hanging out together and mere curious exploration with a bit of window shopping thrown in, led to the purchase of a catalogue and arrangements for meeting the next day.

B and I had our budget, and a few items picked out - a victorian footstool (thought I might embroider a new top for it), 26 piece set of continental cherub cups, saucers, side plates and 2 cake serving plates, a pair of leadlight doors, and washstand. All items I could live without if I didn't get them, and technically I didn't, as I pulled out a couple when my limit was reached, however, Dad decided I was having the washstand and B (who really wanted the doors) was having the doors. Mum and Dad who didn't really want anything ended up with at least half a dozen other bits and pieces including a hinged cedar dining table, sterling silver frame, granite tabletop, and golfclubs.

It was a lot of fun.

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