13 June, 2006

iris and hazel

I am lucky enough to have a job that enables me to have the occassional flexi day. I tend to take these on a Friday and spend the day with my mum. Flexi Friday this time saw us visit Eden Gardens, for their new Farmers Market, then cross the Harbour Bridge to Observatory Hill for the Encounters of Country: Landscapes of Ray Crooke exhibition and lunch, and then onto Paddington to take a look at Iris and Hazel as recommended by Douglas and Hope in Melbourne. Disappointingly they didn't carry much Douglas and Hope merchandise, however they did have some great things, all be it very expensive. Because they don't have a website, here are some photos to tempt.
iris and hazel, Paddington St. Paddington

window front

knitted giraffe

knitted toys

knitted toy

embroidered cushion

Douglas and Hope cushion (the round one)

Iris and Hazel tiles

Paddington St

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