28 June, 2006

growing pains

Yesterday was a long and unsettling day that is thankfully over. I had the day off work to take my dad to hospital for cardioversion, some sort of treatment on the heart to regulate the beat. It was only a day procedure but it was a long day, as I had to be up early to trek halfway across town to drop B at work and then pick up my parents and take them to the hospital (my mum doesn’t drive and dad would be unable to drive after the procedure). Mum and I settled dad into hospital at 9am, and then the day consisted of occupying mum so she wouldn’t worry too much until we could collect dad at the end of the day, which ended up around 7pm.

I hadn't anticipated doing anything other than staying at the hospital keeping dad (and mum) company and trying to keep dad's mind off the procedure, but dad in true form didn't want us to think he was worried, and for us to worry, so insisted mum and I go out for coffee and some shopping.

Dad: "Take your mum and do some shopping, I'll be right, enjoy yourselves, and I"ll see you later".

Shopping...Enjoy ourselves?? I had brought my knitting, and a book, I wasn't planning on going anywhere. Mum and I went to Balmain, wandered about the shops, had coffee/lunch, then went to Rozelle where we wandered about the shops, had coffee and then went home to wait for news from the hospital.

I am feeling the roles are realigning, my parents still do so much to help/support us, but they also seem more vulnerable at the moment. So far so good though the procedure seems to have been successful.

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