13 March, 2007

Meet the neighbours part IV, and the new deputy

Last night, all was going well with L making some homemade pasta, and I was at the lovely new oven preparing the sauce for the nights dinner. I went out to the vege garden to collect some fresh basil, when I heard some voices from the currently (newly sold) vacant house next door.

Over the last couple of weeks we have heard people next door, namely enjoying the pool, but as we knew who it was, thought not too much of it as at least they were not causing too much harm. However, the Street Sheriff (who shall be the subject of a future 'meet the neighbour' entry) had informed us recently that the vacant house had been broken into, and should we see anyone in the yard we should call the police. I should also mention that the Street Sheriff has had the opportunity to say a hello to the new owner when he called by last week, and that our new neighbour is Barry, amongst other details, but inadvertently he forgot to get a contact number for him.

So making pasta and pasta sauce, with voices heard whilst collecting basil, on the instructions of the Street Sheriff, call the police is what L did, at 6.54pm to be exact.

Well, after nearly 40 mins of L keeping watch through our kitchen window whilst putting fresh pasta through the little machine that rolls/cuts it, I was keeping watch out the front window to see if they were to leave and in which direction they were leaving (suspects looked like the same that were in there throwing rocks against garage wall and into the pool on Saturday) to the house across the street from us. L, who by this stage was becoming more and more aghast at the time police were taking in this matter called again. The officer who took the call (as did the first call 40 odd minutes earlier) mentioned to L that the sooner he got off the phone to her, the sooner he could escalate the call to officers out on the road.

About a further 15 mins went by, and by this stage lights were noticed on inside the house! Great, now they have broken in and the police have all but allowed this to happen!!! L, on a further call to the police told (ordered) them to get their act into gear and get here quick as they were inside... Police arrived some 5 mins later under lights and sirens and snuck around the side of the house (as viewed from my vantage point of the bay window at the front of the house). Some 10 mins later, both officers left without a person in cuffs, or anyone being escorted off the property to across the road for a discussion with the parents of across the road. Instead, under further surveillance by us, said accused were now out the front having a smoke and L was off to make a further complaint to the Police Assistance Line, not happy Jan... I got my car keys and went out to the car to go for a drive so as I could see who they actually were, and told L to call the 'Sheriff' to make sure he didn't have Barry's phone number.

I returned some 10 mins later to see the police car had returned, accused being questioned by police, and both L (the newly appointed deputy) and Pete (Sheriff) all out the front. L came, somewhat sheepishly, to me in the car and informed me that the accused was actually the new owner, and it might be a good idea for us to meet...

Welcome to the street Barry!

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