25 March, 2007

on the brink

of blogging oblivion. I am struggling to find the time, and energy to keep our blog going. I have a camera full of photos to share which I am commiting here to posting over the next week. Although with this next sentence I admit this is a shaky commitment as this week shall include more late nights for work in addition to a trip to newcastle which is going to be exhausting. Up and back in two days via Sydney airport*, to put in a full day of work reviewing/reworking a document that is one year stale. I had booked a day off this week but it is not to be.

So while time has been a challenge, the weather has not helped with the energy levels. It has been so hot, and HUMID. Yesterday, I put the last of the muraya's and clivia's in the verandah garden beds, and the wisteria's at either end. This ended with a 2 hour nap before racing to vote, followed by a trip to Borders. If we (B) can work out how to put in a third column, I plan to add in a what I am reading at the moment. I did get a copy of the Easter issue of Martha Stewart, sooo many good ideas. There was another magazine I would have liked, Real Simple but Yikes like Martha Stewart it had a price tag of $14.95, instead I had to be satisfied with a sneaky peak in store.
Martha Stewart Living Easter Edition

*My parents are flying to Melbourne for my brothers graduation, and I offered to take them to the airport. The drive from my place to theirs is about 45 minutes, their place to the airport about 30 minutes, from the airport to work about 1 hour 30 minutes, and from work to Newcastle 4 hours. I feel sick just thinking about it.

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