26 March, 2007

pink sashiko

O wow! B is too clever, we have three columns and a new colour. It complements my Sashiko.


I bought this Sashiko at a craft show last year and took it a couple of times, when I could remember, with me on work trips to Melbourne. Something like a fix for craft withdrawl. I only had a small section to go, and with a trip to Newcastle this week, that will include an overnight stay in a hotel, I thought it might be a good project to take with me and finish. That is, if I hadn't done a couple of stitches, and then a couple more stitches and finished it last night. Realistically I would probably have been too tired to do any stitching.

I really enjoyed doing this one, it was so easy to do, just follow the printed pattern. I am now itching to get another. I found this great site last night which should be able to help out here. The only thing is what to do with them when they are done. Any suggestions?

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