12 August, 2007

'god' what a day...

Yesterday, we did so many klms in the car, it was silly (thought to self, thank goodness, as it is being replaced soon by 'L's work, and this has been a bit of a dog...)! We were originally going up to both the Hawksbury Harvest Farmers market up at Castle Hill Showground, and then to the Organic Growers Market at Balmain/Lilyfield. This was in order to get some 'Lemonades' which are sweet (very sweet when compared to it cousin, the Lemon) as L is having wild cravings for citrus!. So the night before, it was decided that since she (we) have been waking at 3-5am, we will leave at 5.30am.

So, as it was now Saturday, 7.30am, I decided that we had clearly failed in the almost mad panic to get dressed and off to the amended plan of ditching Castle Hill. You see, we have been going to the Organic Market for a couple of weeks trying to get the Lemonades as they have the tendency of selling out early (8am), not to mention that they have THE BEST, Honey & Port Cured Bacon & Egg rolls... (drewl...). We arrived at the markets at about 8.10, and just short of them, I stop and let L out to try and beat the hoards to the lemonades and I parked the car. By the time I caught up, she had them and left the vendor with 3 or 4, and after noting how ridiculous this was, we took all of them, all 3 kg of them!

So, after the markets, we drop over to see P with her two children, L2 & A7mths for a quick cuppa, catch up and garden consultation.

Then it was off to pick up L's silk screen Handy work from Prints Charming from last Sunday. I am sure you will agree, she did a fantastic job, and she is waiting with baited breath to attend the 'Drop in Saturdays' where you can go in for a couple of hours to screen away!
Off to have lunch with the M&FIL (Mother & Father in law), and off home to finish removing the Purple Fountain Grass from the front garden which we had started last week. We had a flying visit from the favourite brother (in law) and the family, wife S and kids M5&W2 (2 years ago, I was luck enough to be asked to be W's Godfather). All M wanted to do was to play the PS2, Junior Jungle Party, but dad was here to pick up our edger to do some gardening at home, so this was just a very quick visit.

We were expecting B&K, with B's daughter B2 (my God-daughter) at any stage, and had a quick cold drink as it was very warm today, 26C, and it is supposed to be WINTER! I was asked to babysit her a couple of weeks ago, as they were off to see the Swans match, which were celebrating Pink Lady day, for support and celebration for women with/surviving Breast Cancer.
Pink Lady Telstra Stadium (courtesy Sydney Morning Herald)
So, after about an hour, it was time for dad to go, and we had minimal tears. For about 20 mins or so, L & I were changing the beds sheets as it is getting warmer now, and little B was walking around asking for 'daddy'. To cut a long story short, we had a lovely time, she was no bother at all, (mind you, she was walking around holding everything of hers as much as she could hold in her little hands)and went down to sleep really easy!
Bre Bag
Bre Yoghurt

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