24 August, 2007

Flowers to cheer you up...

After the 'sad news' that we had last Friday, and after the compulsive purchases made in Myer, we took off for the day to cheer ourselves up, so we went across town, in a circle via home, to the E.G. Waterhouse Camellia Garden. So, here is what we saw through my camera lense:

Waterhouse Camellia Garden


Pink Camellia
And look at the size of THESE blooms... That's an arm!

Huge Pink Camellias
As we were walking around the Gardens, we came across this great looking creek

Camellia Creek
and Cherry blossom, oh how Spring must be close...

Cherry Blossom
Then on the Saturday, we decided to do some gardening around our own little house, it was feeling a little rejected. So we started with along the front fence to remove the purple fountain grass

Front Fence
and the Silk Bush is STILL flowering as well!

Silk Bush
I am glad the we had some 'cheap' hired help...

Garden Buddy
You might remember that we had Nan's 90 something birthday at Eden Gardens a couple of weeks ago, I liked this statue (or Garden Art, as it might be known...)


Eden Fly Away
The one 'weird' plant that I came across on the day was this one. It is called an 'Udder Plant', and I was not allowed to get it unless I could say where it was to be planted. I think that this is a new rule...

Udder Plant

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