01 May, 2010

Day 28 & 29: - Kusadasi and at sea

Yesterday, I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open... In fact, at the show after dinner, both Michael and Julie fell asleep and I am the one on medication that makes ME drowsey!!

Yesterday, we were on a tour to Turkish Villages and Towns, Sirence and Tire. It was an interesting drive from Kusadasi, through some very narrow streets and then out into the farming areas. In the fields, mainly Olives and Peach's, there was also wild red poppies as well.

Our first stop was the little village of Sirence, where a little Primary school was brightly coloured. A couple of the girls ducked down to the local shop to pick up some things for 'little lunch'! There was also some fantastic little markets here, with local handmade customs for sale, linen tablecloths that had silk embroidery and so on.

We then headed for Tire, a larger village/small town. Here we were taken firstly to a museum of ancient Roman artifacts and some old headstones. There was even some traditional Turkish costumes and silver here as well! After this, we headed for a local Mosc, before heading for some local felting, saddle making and more handcrafts.

A short trip on the bus found us at a Garden Restaurant for lunch. The sounds of running water under the shade of the tree was perfect!

After lunch, and back onto the bus, we headed back towards Kusadasi but stopped at a local weaving factory/showroom. We were taken into the first weaving room where the ladies were making double knotted rugs, both cotton on cotton and silk on cotten. After a round of drinks (tasted Raki, eww) and presentation of the rugs various styles, Michael and Julie started discussions on a silk rug, whilst I had my eyes on a runner. More on that in another post, but for now, lets say it was an interesting experience!

Today, we have been at sea heading for Egypt. So I will talk some more about that tomorrow!



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  1. Ah yes, Raki! Sort of the Turkish version of high test grain alcohol! No proper way to drink it other than to do shots! It'll go right to your head too.
    Looking forward to hearing more about the rugs!


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