29 May, 2010

New bed is now complete and a parcel...

Thursday afternoon, I got a phone call to say that my new mattress had arrived, but due to my illness, I was unable to collect on that afternoon, so Friday was collection day! I could not wait and thanks to a mate, it was collected on Friday morning!
It was no sooner home and on the bed, and I knew I had made a fantastic choice, or at least, the girl at the shop made a great choice for me!! Seriously, I was so looking forward to the evening to come just to try it out! When I got the new frame earlier in the week, I put a new quilt cover on but didn't change the sheets. Today though, it is all new bedding, sheets (not yet flannelet, but an in between as it isn't that cold yet), pillow covers and a blanket and quilt cover... Doesn't it look heavenly?

New Bed Mattress, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
I also got a surprise parcel in the mail on Thursday... It was from my friend M in the USA, and it had me very perplexed as to what it was... It said on the cover, "Seasoning Mix" but I was reading it Seasonal ? and was wondering HOW it got through Quarantine, until I had a CLOSER look! So, as they do it in 'Border Security' I deconstructed the parcel ever so carefully so as not to do any damage, and what did I find? I packet of Cincinnati Chili mix! But I dare NOT try and cook it just now, not with my condition... I already have the runs!!!

Mystery Parcel Unraveled, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Hoo roo for now...


  1. Yes, wait until you feel better. Then you will really enjoy the chili!
    Made my reservations for Berlin and Anneliese's rendezvous with her boyfriend, Isegrim!


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