05 May, 2010

Day 33: Mt Etna!

Ok, after yesterdays 'dummy spit' I have calmed down a lot... So lets talk about Mt Etna!

We arrived in Messina Sicily at a little after 1.15pm, and after 'clearing' through security, we were on the bus to Etna, Mt Etna. Etna is Europe's largest MOST active volcano! On the drive up, which took around an hour, well, lets just say it was 'interesting'... With all of the bends, hairpin bends and sheer drop-offs, mum was a little 'green'! But she made it out of the bus ok for a taste of Italy, a Canoli and a local Orange Juice (we left the Almond Wine AND the Etna Fire ALONE!).

The craters were fantastic, and at over 7000 feet, it was a little cool and there was snow! But it was a fantastic feeling being atop of an active volcano!

On the return trip, we stop at Giardini Naxos and had a great view across to Tourmina. Tourmina is a coastal town, built on the hills and cliffs and is fantastic! But, as we did not get across to Tourmina, we did not see the infamous, 'Black Madonna'! We arrived back to the port and ALL of the buses arrived at the same time which was a bit of chaos! We ended up leaving around 45 mins late due to the congestion of people coming back onboard and only ONE person checking the passes! Oh well...

We are now back at sea, and tomorrow, we arrive back in Rome!



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  1. I cannot believe that the trip is nearly over! I expect the gray brigade will go home and sleep for a fortnight! LOL!~


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