30 September, 2010

Contemplating things...

This is the chair that 'L' spent a lot of time in before she died last year. You see, it went into use when sewing, x-stitching and general craftiness. However, it is now tending to sit by the bookcase, waiting for another use as in this house it is all about the 'R' principle, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. So, what am I using it for now? Well apart from it sitting right there next to my turf journals from the International Turf Society, I am tending to use it to sit in, contemplate life whilst sitting in it when on the laptop as it is a little more comfy than lying to a side on the couch!

Contemplation Chair

That bottom shelf though, is full of cookbooks, craft books/magazines, cause she was a bit of a crafty person our L, and there is also her Fenton collection (well, some of it!).

This last week I have also been somewhat ill, constant migraines and so on. I went for tests to see why, and most of all, everything is good. WITH exception to my chronic hayfever. Yes, as a Grenkeeper and an Agronomist, I have allergies to pollens and (of all things) GRASSES! So I have been told to stay as clear as I can from my allergens (yeah right, I work at a Garden!!) and I am also on some fairly high steroids for respiratory aid. So hopefully, I will be able to breath, sleep and more importantly live a little more comfortably!

Oh, and before I forget, as I was backing up my phone (and don't ask me HOW I did it, it just HAPPENED), I have managed to wipe ALL of my contacts this morning; some dating back to old school friends... So please send me your details so as I can rebuild my address/contacts!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Beautiful M I N D The Triple R
    Me Heart :)

    PS: Give GREEN TEA A Try (Migraines Thingy)

  2. it is good to have a space where we can be ourselves and to have a chair there is a nice touch.


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