21 September, 2010

Some stuff around town...

Today, was SUCH a lovely day, I took a walk to get a couple of photos... These are some of the ones I took... These little buggers, really do some damage when they are out foraging for some lunch or dinner. The Sulfur Crested Cockatoo has a powerful beak, so its best to NOT feed them if you want to keep your fingers!

Sulfur Crest Cockatoo

Next, up, when walking around Farm Cove, I spotted some anglers trying to catch some dinner. I am not sure if any of them have succeeded yet though...


Then I got into the Royal Botanic Gardens a little proper, and they are just stunning at this time of year.

Spring Walk
Lion Gate Lodge
Victoria Lodge

I also got a shot of Fort Denison, but due to it being late in the day, and heat haze, it is not the best really...

Fort Denison

And there are some Glass Story Panels called the 'Veil of Trees' (Installation by Janet Lawrence and Jisuk Han) that are really quite fascinating to read. And at night, they have some very subtle lighting to show them off as well!

Glass Garden

Tomorrow, for Wordless Wednesday, I will be having something very colourful that floats, so stay tuned!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Nice to see you getting back to your blogging! Great shots!

  2. what a wonderful day... dig those glass panels


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