14 September, 2010

A short trip to Melbourne Pt 2 of 2

Melbourne, really is the city of food... It has so many wonderful little lanes and hidden nooks and cranny's where there are simply, the best Cafes! Here, we have Flinders Lane (one of many little lane ways) that have these little Bohemian style Cafes.

Flinders Lane Cafes

We had, naturally on a Sunday morning, no where to go with all of these wonderful little places all fully occupied, so we kept on walking down Collins St and came across a little place, L'incontro, where we had breakfast (Bacon, eggs, tomato, hash brown and toast (I gave away my Fungi...)!


As time was marching on, and I had two flights to catch to get me home (as when I booked), as there was no direct Melbourne to Sydney flights left so I started to plan via Brisbane, then Adelaide and finally I had to go via Canberra which had a 3.5 hour layover! So we walked back to towards Flinders St Station to catch the Tram back to Richmond. Along the way, there was some flower box's full of Spring Colour, the Royal Agricultural Society was promoting the Melbourne Show with the Farm Animals on display. I love these Kelpies with their 'Jockeys' on!!!

RAS Melbourne Kelpie Dog
Melb Building
Melb Purple Cinners
Melb Blue Cinners
Flinders St Station

The flight back was, well... lets say 'Interesting' to say the least! There was a family of mum, dad and three boys infront of my seat, and mum was next to me. The two boys infront sat down and were very well behaved in row 1 (yes, I was in Business Class). Anyway, we pushed back, and taxied to the hold point all good so far! We were given our ok to turn and depart Melbourne via a northerly departure and we were on our way to Canberra! Just as the flight attendants started the meal service, there was a bit (followed by a lot) of turbulence, suspending the service... This startled the young chap in front and resulted in him asking (in only the way a child can ask AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE, "Are we going to crash?" Well, this had the family in fits of laughter, as with most of us in the cabin as well mind you! It lasted a good 15 minutes or so, which meant that on the short trip to Canberra, service was well... QUICK! We landed and I headed into the Business Lounge to wait for my next flight to Sydney. This flight, was uneventful, and I got home at just a little bit after 8.30pm!

So, another flight down for the year, where WILL I go to next?

Hoo roo for now...



  1. I love what the little boy said! How funny is that?

  2. I love Melbourne. I love it so much I can't imagine living any where else.


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