21 September, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins #3

And...here we go!
  1. I don't know what it's like to travel in a 'set group itinerary; I only know how to travel as myself and 'footlose and fancy free' (so to speak).
  2. "Rollercoaster" would be a great title for my life.
  3. A couple of weeks from now the football season will be all over, and it will be cricket time, which is a game I love as I was once a Curator.
  4. Looking forward to any number of things, but in particular, an upcoming trip to Vietnam...
  5. I drove from Sydney to Melbourne and caught the ferry across to Tasmania back in '87 on a driving holiday. Had a great time, all those years ago...
  6. Seeing the Orchids, especially the mini Cymbidium, I was happy.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Swans v Collingwood game, where (hopefully, the Swans will win a place for next weekends Grand Final, tomorrow my plans include watering in the fertiliser I put out last week, possibly a 7yo birthday party as well and Sunday, I want to sit back, relax and maybe, as its forecast to be nearly 30c, go for a ride on the bike!
Hoo roo for now...


  1. Mine go up at midnight. These were tough questions this week.

  2. Hi Bernie, Sorry to hear that you lost your wife. I miss Michele's meet and greet too. My son went to Tasmania last year http://www.looseleafnotes.com/wp/2010/10/do-you-know-where-tasmania-is/
    I'm glad seeing orchids made you happy.

    1. WOW - did he have a great trip?? I hope he did, it is a wonderful place...

  3. I visited Tasmania in '81, flew there and hired a campervan for the trip. Great fun! Had a great time too:) Would like to do the ferry sometime too.

  4. Your Sunday plan sounds pretty close to what I plan to do. Not so much Saturday---I avoid children's b'day parties. Way too much noise.

    I've not seen your place here in years. The black background makes it look very dramatic. And the contrasting orchid on the side is soooo vibrant. I love the color.


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