16 September, 2012

Weekend Work & Smelly Things...

Saturday, was going to be a busy day, gardening blah blah blah... But NOOOOO... Something came up and I simply needed a diversion, so luckily enough for me, a mate came over and we simply hung out for the afternoon... Nothing planned, but I had wanted to get down to the Wisteria Gardens Fete, that we use to go to 30 odd years back. They had small rides, show bags and the like, but the gardens were (once) wonderful. It is part of a rehab hospital, so there are also patients walking about. BUT, a few years back, before L died, they had removed a lot of the Cherry Blossom trees, the Ranunculus are gone and so on, but there was a bit of colour all the same...

Wisteria Gardens FeteWisteria Gardens FeteWisteria Gardens Fete

Sunday, this NOW became my gardening day, tidy up the side garden that leads to the front door (on the side of the house; yes), prune, weed and feed the rose garden bed, and the feed the lawn. I stopped for a quick lunch of a Cheese and vegemite toastie - yumm!!

Sunday Lunch - Vegemite & Cheese toastie

I used Chook manure on the side and lawn, and the Roses got Cow manure. Needless to say that the house smells somewhat 'earthy' this evening!!

Side Garden cleaned out and fedWatering in

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Wonder if Miss B will want to roll into all that earthy goodness!
    Woke to cold temps this morning...(checks cheat sheet)...5 C!

  2. I saw that delicious sandwich and focused on the writing beneath... I used Chook manure on the side and did a double-take. Of course I immediately realized the description was above the sandwich, not below, but it still brought back the days of Men-at-Work and vegamite sandwiches. Scary times.


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