25 September, 2012

Thematic Photorgaphic - "Grounded"

Following on from Carmi's 'Grounded' TP this week, I am going with an idea he has given for this week's TP. He mentioned that, "Sure, we can get into a plane and fly, or if we're really, really lucky, we can go into orbit and float around for a while". So with that idea in mind, here is Air Berlin becoming 'Grounded'...


Also, whilst in Oslo earlier this year, I witnessed the 'Changing of the Guard' ceremony, which was great by the way, but, by the looks of these guys marching, they are certainly 'grounded' as well, given the dust they're kicking up!!


Hoo roo for now...


  1. Both pictures are great. One time with Pan Am, we were dead heading a plane and gave a lift to an Air Berlin Pilot.
    I love the changing of the guard. Also a great shot!

  2. I love the marching feet!. The effect u caught is priceless!. And yes, it is an Abutilon on my page...Thanks for your comment.

  3. Two great shots! The Oslo one is really interesting - I love all of the reflected legs.

    (wondering what "dead heading a plane" means...)

  4. Great pictures - love the marching legs!

  5. Very nice, I can almost hear the thump of their feet smacking the ground. I'm a sucker for a good drill movement. Thanks for this picture.

    Oh, and I LOVE that the grounded plane matches some of the colors of your blog's layout ;-)

  6. Oh my I've been to Berlin as a teen-ager and would have loved to see that plane! The marchers oh my they are kicking up dust....they are fascinating to see! Very proud. Nice set of grounded!

  7. I never managed to catch any guards in Norway while I was there in the 1980s. Thanks for the reminder. Never made it to Berlin but I'm not too keen on prop aircraft - I'll make an exception for your photo.

  8. I can hear that tire screech, just from looking at your pic.

    Very nice!

  9. i'm a little late getting over here...and after reading the other comments, can say that it's gonna sound like i'm just repeating what's already been said...oh well...

    yeah, one look at the grounded plane (well, almost...front wheels UP and ready to hit the runway)...i can hear the engine slowing and the tires screeching!

    the guards...impressive! is that really dust they're kicking up there? wow! i can hear the stomping of their marching feet!! cool.

  10. 1 - The Q400 is built 90 short minutes away from my house, and it rocks. Love. That. Plane. And this picture of it...you take the best aviation photos of anyone I know.

    2 - The guards marching out of the dust is stunning. I can't get over the contract of their perfectly turned out legs/uniforms in front as they emerge from the dust in back. Man, perfect shot on every level.

    1. I have only been on the Q400 a couple of times, and both were on SAS into/out of Aalborg in Denmark. Oddly, a few years later, SAS had a landing gear collapse on a few of these birds (one in Aalborg), and I've not been on one since! Qantas has many examples of them, but Virgin Australia have opted for the ATR series and REX the SAAB340! Must be really neat to be so close to the manufacturer!!

      I've never seen a 'Changing of the Guard' ceremony, not even in the UK, to which we are both part of the Commonwealth! But watching the Norwegians does it, in such precision, and at times, jovial, was truly something!! If you are ever in Oslo, I commend you to go and see it; it is stunning, yet funny, colourful, yet dark at times - a true spectacle!


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