24 August, 2004

Macc Mayhem

Congrat's A for the birth of your blog 'Blue Monkey Jammies'. B has added the link to our list of favourites, because it is sure to be one.

Today is the second day of my week off. I had a great morning with P and M, generally just catching up, looking at the purchases for February's baby, showing my craft purchases from Melbourne, and commiserating over hours wasted studying (both P and M are also studying).

I then headed over to mum and dad's to pick up the keys the littlest sister had whilst minding our house. On the way home I passed a truck with a really funky design that caught my attention, so that when I got home I had to look up the web site. Now if I was in the need for 'fine paper' I would be sold on this company. I just love the colours and the images of the dogs. The only negative I can find with it is that there isn't a greyhound. My Macc would make a fine model, he is as cheeky as the dogs depicted and is even the right colour, black.

Speaking of Macc, I gave him a bath in the backyard this morning. He was pretty good about it, I think he thought it was a bit of a game. We used to take him to scrub dub dog but apart from it being a good hours drive away, the admin of the members card was a continual problem and detracted from the fun of going. Instead we have used the services of one of the other Greyhound Adoption members who has a dog wash business and they live in the same suburb. L is great about giving Macc a wash at short notice, and Macc loves to run around with her dogs. However, today I did the honours in the backyard with a bucket and scoop. The logic being that apart from a clean dog, any water splashed around would be good for what remains of the lawn. Needless to say both of us got quite wet and muddy.

Blue monkey jammies

Well, announcing the arrival of blue monkey jammies well done A.

All I can say is, ABOUT TIME. I have been trying to 'walk her through' some of the scripting to change it a bit, but it is a bit to difficult to do over the phone. So I guess I will have to go over and have a look at it soon to have a closer look, and play some placated if that's ok with you A (and L too for that matter!!


22 August, 2004


......... 2 minutes ago I was shrieking expletives for the monumental stuff up I just realised I had made. Now it is kind of funny and means I can enjoy a night in front of the TV, morning tea with P tomorrow and possibly even lunch with mum. It does not however, bring back the weekend which could have been spent in Melbourne or going to the 50's fair today.

What was this monumental stuff up? I am way ahead with my uni study by no less than 4 weeks. How did this happen? I have mistakenly assumed week 1 for module 1, week 2 module 2, etc when in fact from week 3, module 3 was to take 3 weeks, and module 4 was to take 2 weeks. Get the picture, we are now in week 6 and I have been busting a gut to complete all the work up to module 6. Module 6 is actually due for completion by 29 Oct.

I can now see the funny side and am relieved, as I can now go back and do the stuff I skipped.

21 August, 2004

Planes, trains, automobiles...and trams!

This year has seen me do a lot of travel. This time to Melbourne for a conference and workshop on Triple Bottom Line (TBL)/Sustainability reporting. The conference was hosted by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and the City of Melbourne. ICLEI sponsored the Study Tour I undertook only a couple of months ago.

Whilst in Melbourne I was also able to catch up with my friend B, whom I have known for as long as I can remember. It was quite an ordeal navigating the suburbs, thank goodness for A back in Sydney who provided the instructions over the phone, once we had become hopelessly lost.

We also spent a night with K and Uncle P, which was really great. K kindly offered us to sleepover which meant that we could really relax and enjoy ourselves. This was the first time that I had been to their home and I felt that I was really able to get to know them both a little better.

Whilst we were in Melbourne I managed to get to the one shop I really wanted to visit 'Patchwork on Central Park', and pick up a few supplies.

On the way home we travelled via Ballarat. B and I are definitely making this a week long holiday destination down the track. I was able to visit 'Country Mouse' and discovered 'Ballarat Patchwork'. When I have finished the projects I already have waiting, I am going to purchase the 'Bright Coin' kit from Ballarat Patchwork - maybe that might be a good time to do the next trip to Ballarat.

17 August, 2004

Having a great time in Melbourne!!

Well, its all good down here!!

Weather is fine, all be it a bit cool over night!

Last night whilst L was at her dinner, I watched Idol, boring I know, but I HAD to see who got through after the previous night's drama, but that's another story, I went of to China Town for dinner. BUT, guess what I had...... Mexican! (must have volume ON!!) Taco Bill to be exact!!
I have been all over the place yesterday and so far this morning. I am back at the hotel to watch the men's gymnastics, and I am going to the Melbourne Botanic Gardens so go and have a look yourself!
We are off to see L's friend from across the road, B tonight, which should be fun. Then off to see P & K tomorrow night, before heading towards Ballarat for Thursday night.
So, I had better go now, off to the Gardens!

16 August, 2004

In Melbourne!!!

Hello from MELBOURNE!!

Well, after a very easy drive down on Saturday, we had a very pleasant drive from around Goulburn in the RAIN! It was very weird driving with these things going across the windscreen every couple of seconds! Victoria is so green at the moment. The further we went south, the heavier it got and the colder it got too!! We got our hotel agent, (A) to book us a room at the Bayview on the park which apart from being a bit tired, was ok. It was funny, as A was doing the booking when we were still about 30 mins out of Melb City. Thanx A!

Yesterday, after we checked out, we drove up to St Kilda to go to the markets along the Esplanade. These were great, as L bought herself a new necklace. It must have been really obvious we were from the northern states, as L had a shirt, jumper and then her leather jacket! We had a late breakfast, jumped on a tram to Sth Melb markets, (boring) and then went back to St Kilda to the car and to go to our hotel in the city, the Grand Hyatt very nice here! We had a plain dinner, and whilst L was studying, I was watching the Olympics, Idol (on the phone with A), then retired to a good nights sleep around 11.30.

L has gone off to breakfast with the conference, and I am going to McDonald's (or somewhere else that is cheap as it would cost around $30 for me here!!), then off to see something of Melb! Maybe the 'G' who knows (I don't!). Well, I had better get ready.



11 August, 2004

More exciting news! P and M are having a baby (due Feb 2005).

I spoke with my special friend P today, and have arranged to have morning tea with her when I get back from Melbourne.

Other exciting news, but nowhere near as important. I think my Korean craft books written in Japanese have arrived. The posties postcard advising we had a parcel to collect was amongst the mail when I got home from work. I think tomorrow I'll be a bit late to work, as I don't know whether I can wait till after work to collect them from the post office. And what perfect timing, the littlest sister is coming over tomorrow evening to help B with some graphic design work, so I will be able to test her Japanese language skills.

Gotta go! B has dinner on the table.

08 August, 2004

Breaking news!

The littlest sister is now engaged. This event took place at Mundi Mundi (Broken Hill) at sunset today.

Congratulations Liv and I.

04 August, 2004

We said goodbye to the Cabbage Tree Palm this morning!

It was not a great start to 3 days leave. Have you ever noticed that there is some sort of consipiracy thing that happens when you get a few days off work, and you think you're going to get a sleep in. You know, someones car alarm goes off, or in the case of this mornings effort it was tree removers and their chainsaws.

We like our neighbours across the road, and we really liked their tree. I'm not a great fan of palms in general, but this Palm was so elegant, and tall. Lying in bed it was the only thing I could see other than the sky, and it could be quite mesmerizing as you gazed at its fronds swaying in the wind. The birds really liked it too.

I can't understand why they got rid of it. It certainly improved the look of their house, softening the brick veneer and colorbond, not to mention breaking up the expanse of concrete that is their front garden.

Well for the part it played in the aesthics of the street, providing a resting place for birds, its efforts in reducing greenhouse gases and purifying the air we breath it will be sadly missed by us across the road.

01 August, 2004

I'm addicted to ebay!!

I have been procrastinating over some books for sale on the internet through a seller on ebay 'Kitty's Oriental Craft Shop' for a few weeks now. The books get listed, someone else buys them and I curse myself and say I'll get them next time. Why didn't I just get them? They are written in Japanese!

Anyway, I've taken the plunge and bought them, I hope
  1. they have lots of pictures and diagrams to overcome the language barrier, and
  2. the littlest sister can help out, after all she did spend 3 months in Japan, teaching English to the Japanese.

Well this has been enough of a distraction from my study time, and B and Macc will be back soon, and more time will be wasted as I tell of my new purchases.

Just so you know ~ B has taken Macc for a tub at L's which he desperately needed as he was so dusty from rolling around in the nonexistent grass in our backyard. L is also hosting the meeting of the committee for GAPNSW, so not only will Macc be getting a bath he is also able to run around with another 'grey' and Sam who thinks she's a 'grey' for longer, and may be other puppies who are visiting as well.