16 August, 2004

In Melbourne!!!

Hello from MELBOURNE!!

Well, after a very easy drive down on Saturday, we had a very pleasant drive from around Goulburn in the RAIN! It was very weird driving with these things going across the windscreen every couple of seconds! Victoria is so green at the moment. The further we went south, the heavier it got and the colder it got too!! We got our hotel agent, (A) to book us a room at the Bayview on the park which apart from being a bit tired, was ok. It was funny, as A was doing the booking when we were still about 30 mins out of Melb City. Thanx A!

Yesterday, after we checked out, we drove up to St Kilda to go to the markets along the Esplanade. These were great, as L bought herself a new necklace. It must have been really obvious we were from the northern states, as L had a shirt, jumper and then her leather jacket! We had a late breakfast, jumped on a tram to Sth Melb markets, (boring) and then went back to St Kilda to the car and to go to our hotel in the city, the Grand Hyatt very nice here! We had a plain dinner, and whilst L was studying, I was watching the Olympics, Idol (on the phone with A), then retired to a good nights sleep around 11.30.

L has gone off to breakfast with the conference, and I am going to McDonald's (or somewhere else that is cheap as it would cost around $30 for me here!!), then off to see something of Melb! Maybe the 'G' who knows (I don't!). Well, I had better get ready.



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